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By Meryl Gottlieb|| @buzzlightmeryl


As a non-sports lover, I must say watching Super Bowl Sunday is less than enticing. However, I can get crazily stoked for the Puppy Bowl!!

I had never heard of the Puppy Bowl until today, and I have never been happier to hear news in my life.

All day today, Animal Planet will have a non-stop marathon of Puppy Bowl IX, but be warned, the cuteness may kill you.




While I honestly cannot describe the events without gushing over the puppies’ cuteness, I must say that Animal Planet probably had the best strategy to compete with the Super Bowl. Though it may shock some Americans, some people do not like sports and want to watch something else on the first Sunday of February. And Animal Planet delivers.

They not only show something so cute that my heart melted, but they had it available over multiple mediums and fulfilled all my puppy needs.

A puppy cam to watch certain puppies in the locker room, a bird live-tweeted the event (@meepthebird), and the Animal Planet site had a behind the scenes look to gush over as commercials interrupted the cuteness. Perfection.

But, seriously, the puppy cam was the greatest idea. Also available was an adorable photo-filled line up of all the puppy players. Excellence.

From Meep the bird, a kitten half-time show, blimp-piloting hamsters to hedgehog cheerleaders, the cuteness was not just focused on the puppies.









I’ve now come to realize that Animal Planet is my favorite network; where else can I find an entire day devoted to puppies.

Also this tagline: “The cutest sports event of the year.”

So be a human being and indulge in the puppy adorableness. Go ahead; you know you want to.



By Meryl Gottlieb | | @buzzlightmeryl

Our media world never lets anything go unpunished. No political debate, sporting event, movie, and now even severe weather storm is left untouched by the satirical minds of frequent Internet users.

Hurricane Sandy is currently terrorizing the East Coast of the United States and bringing with it a storm of equal power in the meme world.

Yesterday alone, I learned more about Hurricane Sandy through social media posts than through any actual news or weather service outlet.

Memes, posts and prayers are overwhelming my Twitter feed, Facebook home page and Tumblr dashboard.

As serious as this storm is, I cannot help but find so much enjoyment from it. I know, I’m an awful person, but you try to look at these memes and not laugh. Can’t do it, can you?

After all, I truthfully believe that the best way to get through the dark times are to shine a light on the humor that can exist in those situations.

I have spent a few hours of my day looking on Tumblr and Twitter for hilarious posts about this storm. @HurricaaneSandy is consistently referencing Rihanna’s “Umbrella,” Kim Kardashian, Snooki, and other topics that I cannot spell out for you without getting in trouble.

However, Hurricane Sandy is causing more problems for me because of the effects it is having over my television schedule.

As you may have noticed, no new How I Met Your Mother review was uploaded tonight. Want to know why? BECAUSE IT WAS CANCELED DUE TO THE HURRICANE!!

Sure, CBS try and justify postponing the new episode until next week by saying it is because of Sandy coverage and that this repeat was “yellow umbrella worthy.” No, you just don’t want to miss out on views! You are no better than Dancing With the Stars’s extension of its polling – that’s right, you can vote later now because the worst thing about not having power is not being able to vote for a B-List celebrity who cannot dance.

Schools are closing, streets are flooding, buildings are losing power and the TV companies are worried about viewers while the Internet continually spats out new memes about the storm… what on earth is happening to our society?

I love it yet hate it at the same time.

Are you surviving the storm? Tweet @buzzlightmeryl and let me know!

By Meryl Gottlieb | | @merylgottlieb

The twisted concept of the ideal body image of an American woman is everywhere in the media, and, more disturbingly, in our minds.

Thin is typically the keyword used when describing a “pretty” woman. Though we now like to believe our society is an accepting one, we have to understand it is still as discriminatory as its ancestors.

When a larger person walks down the street, we look at them in disgust, thinking, “How could you ever let yourself get like that?” Everyone judges, because we are all imperfect and need to justify our own imperfections by ridiculing those of others.

However, here is a role model that everyone can look up to. Jennifer Livingston, an anchor for WKBT News 8 This Morning, confronts a viewer’s letter that deems her as an unfit example for the community because she is overweight, but boy does she teach him, as well as the world, a lesson or two.

Mrs. Livingston goes on air on her show and discusses the “issue.” One of the more memorable and inspirational lines she says is, “I am much more than a number on a scale.” She even highlights that October is National Anti-Bullying Month and voices her concern about the children who cannot bare the hurtful words that are said about them. She continues by saying these behaviors are learned and that this behavior needs to stop.

In four and a half minutes, Mrs. Livingston provides a powerful message that can change a person’s life and life perspective. She says what needed to be said and said again. She is a hero.

By Meryl Gottlieb | | @merylgottlieb

I stumbled upon this video early Thursday morning and have watched it at least forty times since then. Though I think The Hunger Games movie is a bit overrated, I am still obsessed with everything Hunger Games. Hence, when I saw my cousin post this video on Facebook, I instantly clicked on it and proceeded to laugh for ten straight minutes, despite the fact that the video itself is only two and a half minutes long.

Bad Lip Reading first came onto YouTube last year with their first video parody of Rebecca Black’s “Friday” and turned it into “Gang Fight.”  While I’m not really a fan of their other videos, they just can’t compare to The Hunger Games one, I definitely see potential for this to become huge – even though the group already has a combined total of 72 million views on YouTube for all of their videos.

The true hilarity of these videos comes from the fact that if someone did not know any better, then he or she could actually mistake some of the “bad lip reading” for the real thing.  For instance, with The Hunger Games video, when Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) says, “He made me look weak,” in the real film, they voice it over with “I am the QUEEN!” and it fits perfectly.  Even a simple tweak of Prim’s voice called for a hilarious finale.

All I can say now is, “Scooby Doo.”

By Anjelica Oswald | | @thisisjelli

This is the year for Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

He is in four movies (Dark Knight Rises, Premium Rush, Looper, Lincoln), with Don Jon’s Addiction coming out next year; he was on the front cover of GQ’s August issue; and he just hosted Saturday Night Live — for the second time.

I have to say I love seeing my main man (oh how I wish) on screen all of the time. Ever since I saw his quirky adorable side in 10 Things I Hate About You, I knew there was something about his wonderful face (although Heath Ledger was mighty fine too). But I kind of forgot about him until (500) Days of Summer, and now I find myself stalking his Twitter, his Tumblr and his project, hitRECord.

JGL is not only attractive, but he has this vibe about him that screams calm, cool and collected.
He collaborates with average people for hitRECord and isn’t plastered all over the news. He posts videos, plays guitar and sings too. The guy can do absolutely anything he wants.

With his skill set, talent and ability to make any girl faint at the sight of his face, I know Gordon-Levitt is going to go far, and I cannot wait to support him in his endeavors.

“While I’m not a celebrity, it’s such a weird concept that society has cooked up for us. Astronauts and teachers are much more amazing than actors.” –Joseph Gordon-Levitt

He is perfect right?

By Meryl Gottlieb | | @merylgottlieb

In my opinion, was always the place to buy pretty much anything one’s heart could desire. Where else could I buy a CD for $0.01?

I’ll answer my own question: NOWHERE. Especially not at Barnes & Noble, where a DVD cost $20 versus Amazon’s price of $4. I rest my case.

So, whenever it came time to buy presents, either for others or for myself, I always hit up the Internet, just like the many other shoppers of the world did as well.

Now, unfortunately, Amazon is being forced to collect sales tax more and more on its products based on where the item was purchased. To spare us all the legal mumbo-jumbo, Amazon is now beginning to collect sales tax in California, Pennsylvania (no, not my hometown!), Texas, Kentucky, New York and other states as a result of an ongoing battle between the company and the states in general. The states’ largest avenue for profit is from collecting sales tax, thus they were losing massive amounts of money from the e-shopping market since many Internet retailers did not collect sales tax on items sold.

With the economy still in the toilet, I can perfectly understand the states’ reason for wanting this uncollected money, but I am still not happy about it. I go to Amazon so that I can spend a total of $10 for multiple items, but now I’m saddened at the thought that the multiplicity of my money on the Internet is decreasing.

Furthermore, I can rightfully assume that Amazon is more upset than its consumers about the tax collection, for not having to impose a sales tax on its items was its biggest competitive edge.

On a lighter note, Amazon only seems to be succumbing to the tax issue in states where it sees strategic value in creating massive warehouses that it is beginning to build to sell its merchandise from. These warehouses will allow for much quicker shipping and will hopefully be the new angle of competition for the site. It is even estimated that it can cut its two-day shipping in half due to the construction of the warehouses… for a measly million dollar shipping cost I would assume.

Despite this travesty, I know I, and so many others, will still continue to shop on the site because, honestly, those prices have never and will never be beaten.

This is old. But, I can’t stop picturing this in my head. That stupid gray cat with
the pop tart body farting out rainbows. Yes. Nyan Cat. It went viral a couple years ago on
YouTube and got some negative and positive responses. I’m sick of it, but somehow I
always get sucked back into the cat’s little song “Nyan nyan nyan nyan” … You get the
deal. It zooms across the sky with sparkly rainbows shooting out of its rear. Who comes up with
these sorts of things?

As far as weirdness goes, this definitely should be on the list. Now, whenever I
think of YouTube, I can’t stop thinking of that stupid cat. Cat. Oh no, now it’s stuck in
my head. No! I refuse to listen to that stupid song on loop. Someone help me before I do
something stupid. Oh, wait too late. I’m now just listening to that cat. Nyan.
Jenna Marbles the entertainer and blogger on YouTube wore a Nyan Cat costume for one
of her videos. Now, I’ve seen everything.

No, I’m not looking for the costume on Amazon…yet. Why did I succumb to this?

Hannah Yang is a stringer for Campus Staff. Can’t get the Nyan Cat out of your head? Email her at