TV: Coming and going: The renewals and cancellations of 2014

By Meryl Gottlieb|| @buzzlightmeryl

NBC-Hannibal-About-Cast-1920x1080UPDATE: Announcements are coming out by the second so look for the updates throughout the post!!

I have anxiously been awaiting the news of this year’s renewals and cancellations for weeks. A few of my favorite shows were on the line and I was also curious about how some newcomers would do in garnering a sophomore season. There are some surprises and some actually rational decisions. Freshmen comedies did not fare well.

The announcement I was mostly interested in was the fate of NBC’s Hannibal. Bryan Fuller’s psychological thriller is absolutely spectacular with its rich visual images, biting dialogue (pun intended) and simply scary as hell storytelling. It’s a cult favorite, but it doesn’t do well with ratings with its Friday night slot. Thus, I worried myself silly. Luckily, as I was writing this post, it was announced the Peacock network was going to renew my beloved horror, and I am ecstatic. This was the one show I was really counting on, and it all worked out! Yay Fannibals!

Continuing with NBC, there isn’t as much surprising news. Freshman series The Blacklist‘s renewal was announced ages ago while we also already knew of the demise of The Michael J. Fox Show and Sean Saves the World — good riddance. However, there are still a few series left up in the air. With the renewal of Hannibal, it’s hard to tell if Dracula will get another season. Crisis and Believe are both believed (pun unintended) to be facing cancellation since their drop from the final Sunday of May Sweeps. We’ll just have to wait and see, though I don’t think anyone would really be all that upset if they were axed. Meanwhile, Nashville awaits its fate. UPDATE: CrisisBelieve and Revolution have been canceled. UPDATE: One of the most highly anticipated reveals was the fate of beloved comedy Community, and now we know we won’t meet up with the Greendale gang next season. The show has been struggling with ratings essentially since the beginning but many hoped the return of creator Dan Harmon could save the show. Unfortunately, it didn’t. UPDATE: Nashville has been renewed for a third season. According to Deadline, the delay was caused by conflict over the tax breaks the show would receive in its third season because it films in Nashville. Rest assured, it will be back with a full 22 episode season. UPDATE: NBC has canceled the Jonathan Rhys Meyers thriller Dracula, making Parenthood the last show on the bubble.

UPDATE: The Peacock network has renewed both Parenthood and Parks and Recreation, but with a catch: the upcoming season will be both shows’ last. Parenthood‘s final season will also only consist of 13 episodes, but looking at the show’s track record, this isn’t that uncommon. The drama has done a roller coaster each season with gaining and losing episodes while technically only have two full season orders. According to Entertainment Weekly, NBC Entertainment President Jennifer Salke said Parks and Recreation would be held for midseason. Executive producer Michael Schur has made it known that he thought the show was fairly likely to wrap up with a seventh season, especially after that time-jumping monumental season finale. I can’t really comment on the fate of Parenthood but I will say that I think a seventh and final season would be a great way to end Parks and Recreation. That finale was great in the sense that it will let us see into the future of the crazy characters we’ve come to love so dearly. The show has grown so much and I think it would be a pitiful end if we never got to see the characters truly grow up as well. I’m excited to see what will happen in Pawnee.

CBS renewed some 20 shows including hits The Big Bang TheoryNCISThe Good Wife and 2 Broke Girls. Along with the well-established shows, new comedies Mom and The Millers got the greenlight for another season. Though I like Mom significantly more than The Millers, both are strong comedies that definitely deserve the renewals. Sadly, other freshman comedy The Crazy Ones is still very much in limbo. Of all the new shows of this season, The Crazy Ones was my favorite; it’s a great comedy with a hilarious cast that delivers each week. Here’s hoping I will get to watch it next season!

BnSyd9uCYAAy0X_UPDATE: CBS just made it interesting. After what seemed like it was only renewing all of its shows, the network revealed Saturday its decision to cancel five shows and renew one. Surprisingly, The Mentalist will return. This was the one show I was sure would be canceled on CBS. However, others weren’t as lucky. Midseason comedy launches Friends with Better Lives and Bad Teacher have been axed. James Van Der Beek just can’t catch a break. And for the most devastating news, CBS canceled personal freshman favorite The Crazy Ones. This was the best comedy of the season. The entire cast was hilarious and the chemistry was amazing. Sure, Robin Williams was Robin Williams, but that’s why he’s successful. It’s also quite unfair to compare Sarah Michelle Gellar’s role as Sydney to her famed breakout role as Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They were completely different and were never trying to say the same thing. Just because her character now wasn’t as strong as Buffy didn’t mean it wasn’t good in its own sense. I’m very surprised at this cancellation. I had always heard it was doing very well in the ratings, especially since it garnered the most views of all the pilots this season. Go figure. I’m just hoping Amanda Setton goes on to do more because she had me laughing more than anyone. Also, I’ll really miss seeing the hunky James Wolk each week. Most of all, I’ll just miss Lewis, Roberts + Roberts.

And now the shakeups with Fox and ABC.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is the only freshmen comedy that is staying on Fox. RakeSurviving Jack and Enlisted have all been canceled. I’ve heard Enlisted had a lot of potential, but I’m thinking its Friday night slot wasn’t helping with its ratings issue. Why don’t we give shows a chance? Why would you immediately put a show in a slot that will most likely kill it? Sadly, Raising Hope was also canceled. I wasn’t able to keep up with it, but I loved that show. The cast was hilarious and each week made me laugh. Instead, the network keeps shows like Glee. Riddle me that. But thankfully, new Seth MacFarlane comedy Dads has been canceled. I was instantly put off by the pilot and never gave it a second look, so it certainly deserves this fate. I’m hoping The X Factor‘s cancellation will soon lead to the demise of American Idol, which should have been done after its sixth season. Seriously, has anyone actually found success after winning that show anymore? Of the 12 winner so far, I can name five who have actually done something. Favorites The Mindy ProjectNew GirlThe Following and Sleepy Hollow will all also enjoy another season. Also, thank you Fox for not making us wait on the fate of some shows. It, along with The CW, is the only network to give all the details.

ABC is certainly mixing up its lineup as it has half renewals and half cancellations/ unknowns as of now. Obvious choices Modern FamilyScandal and Shark Tank have been renewed, but there are still a ton of shows waiting. Surprisingly, Nashville is one of them. I don’t watch the show, but I know it has a rather large fan base, so I’m curious as to what is making them wait to announce their decision. On the other hand, we already knew about the cancellation of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland and there’s no shocker there. The original OUAT is enough and wearing thin in its own sense; we don’t need a carbon copy. Recently, ABC announced comedies Trophy WifeMixology and The Neighbors were canceled. I never gave Mixology a shot and thought The Neighbors was atrocious, but Trophy Wife was actually funny. It was the one ABC comedy pilot I truly enjoyed. In a way, it was Modern Family but different. Hence, it definitely should have aired after the comedy champion on Wednesday instead of on Tuesday. Put your best new comedy after your reigning best; it’s more likely to survive. Again, gives these new shows a chance! UPDATE: Suburgatory and Super Fun Night have been canceled. UPDATE: Not all of the ABC comedies have been given the ax. Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing has been renewed for a fourth season.

Total cancellations by network: ABC: 8, CBS: 5, Fox: 7, NBC: 8 and The CW: 3.

Here is a full list of the renewals and cancellations on the networks (updated as news is released):

The Bachelor: Renewed
Castle: Renewed
Dancing with the Stars: Renewed
Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Renewed
The Goldbergs: Renewed
Trophy Wife: Canceled
The Middle: Renewed
Suburgatory: Canceled
Super Fun Night: Canceled
Grey’s Anatomy: Renewed
Modern Family: Shocker, it’s renewed
Scandal: Renewed
Nashville: Renewed
Revenge: Renewed
Last Man Standing: Renewed
The Neighbors: Canceled
Shark Tank: Renewed
Once Upon a Time: Renewed
Once Upon a Time in Wonderland: Unsurprisingly, canceled
Betrayal: Canceled
Resurrection: Renewed
Mind Games: Canceled
Mixology: Canceled

How I Met Your Mother: Finished
2 Broke Girls: Renewed
Mike & Molly: Renewed
Mom: Renewed
Hostages: Canceled because no one will miss it
NCIS: Renewed
NICS: LA: Renewed
Person of Interest: Renewed
Elementary: Renewed
Survivor: Renewed
Criminal Minds: Renewed
CSI: Renewed
The Big Bang Theory: One of the most successful network comedies has of course been renewed
The Millers: Renewed
The Crazy Ones: The most unfortunate news: canceled
Two and a Half Men: Somehow, it was renewed
Hawaii Five-O: Wait this is still on? Renewed
Blue Bloods: Renewed
The Amazing Race: Renewed
The Good Wife: Renewed
The Mentalist: Renewed
Intelligence: Canceled
Friends With Better Lives: Canceled
Bad Teacher: Canceled

Sleepy Hollow: Renewed
Bones: Renewed
Glee: Renewed
The Simpsons: Renewed
MasterChef Junior: Renewed
Bob’s Burgers: Renewed
Family Guy: Very likely
The Following: Renewed
Almost Human: Canceled
Dads: Canceled
Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Renewed
The Mindy Project: Renewed
New Girl: Renewed
American Idol: Renewed for a 14th season
Raising Hope: Sadly, canceled
Enlisted: Canceled
American Dad: Moving to TBS — interesting
Rake: Canceled
Surviving Jack: Canceled
The X Factor: Canceled — gives me hope for a future when American Idol will soon be gone

The Blacklist: Renewed
The Voice: I don’t think there’s any questions here
Chicago Fire: Renewed
Chicago PD: Renewed
Revolution: Canceled
Law & Order SVU: The only good Law & Order is renewed
Parks and Recreation: Renewed for a final season
Community: Sadly, canceled
The Michael J. Fox Show: Canceled
Sean Saves the World: Canceled
Parenthood: Renewed for a final season
Grimm: Renewed
Hannibal: Renewed
Dracula: Canceled
Believe: Canceled
About a Boy: Renewed
Growing Up Fisher: What even is this? Probably why it was canceled
Crisis: Canceled

The CW
Supernatural: Undoubtedly, renewed
Arrow: Renewed
The Vampire Diaries: Renewed
The Originals: Renewed
Reign: Renewed
The 100: Renewed
Hart of Dixie: Renewed
The Carrie Diaries: Canceled
Beauty and the Beast: Renewed
Star-Crossed: Canceled
The Tomorrow People: The only CW pilot I enjoyed, canceled


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