An Open Love Letter to Joseph Gordon-Levitt

What better way to celebrate the week of Valentine’s Day than by writing a letter to the one true love of my life, Joseph Gordon-Levitt?

My dearest Joseph,

Where do I begin? I guess we can start with your face. Your flawless face, impeccable smile, perfect hair—which all combined together make me melt like snow under the sun. You look good in a suit, sweater-vest, winter jacket, t-shirt, glasses…everything and anything, really.

You are a man of many talents. Whether you are encouraging artists through film, music, writing, spoken word or what have you, you’ve created a place for them at hitREcord. You are hilarious—has everyone seen the Lip Sync Off? Because if not, WATCH IT HERE. You wrote and directed your own movie (fabulous by the way), and you are a terrific actor in all you do. You can sing… for real, and that makes me all sorts of happy.

Then there is the fact that you consider yourself a feminist. HOLD IT RIGHT THERE YOU PERFECT GENTLEMAN, YOU. You tell people the best way to get a girl is to listen because it’s common human courtesy. When you were on Ellen, you described your objection to female objectification and gender norms because we can be anything we want to be. And you’re a gentleman in your own right anyway, such as when you helped Ann Hathaway fix her dress. You are also so respectable and just so caring. You love your mom, and you aren’t afraid to show it! HALLELUJAH!

Once upon a time you said The Catcher in the Rye was your favorite book. Well, it’s mine, so we can just sit and chat about Holden and why the book is so good. You have such a wonderful insight to the world, and I really want to just have a conversation so I can try to understand how one person can be so wonderful.

I’ve loved you since I saw 10 Things I Hate About You and will continue to love you. Please continue taking selfies and being the best person on the planet. The world is better for having you in it.

All my love,
Anjelica Oswald


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