An Open Love Letter to Seth Meyers

Dearest Seth Meyers,

I should probably start this letter off by saying that you and your wife are so adorable. I really just can’t handle it, sir. You are both so smart and passionate about life—it’s quite amazing. 

But on to that smile of yours. It is so big and bright and perfect (and the dimples) and it makes my heart melt. That flawless face and impeccable hair paired with your blue eyes is a recipe for perfection.

You wrote Spider-Man: The Short Halloween for Marvel, and since Marvel is my favorite, I find that to be absolutely brilliant.

You’re a funny man who also stands for what you believe in, such as helping with the Worldwide Orphans Foundation. And you are politically involved, which is great!

You’ve shown your acting chops and humor on SNL and Weekend Update, making me tune in every week to see what you’ve come up with. You extended your humor to your cartoon The Awesomes, and now, you are heading to host your own show. You are going to do such an amazing job, and I can’t wait to see what you accomplish. I’ll be catching you on Late Night Feb. 24.

Best of luck,
Anjelica Oswald

Upper photo by Peter Yang for Glamour 


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