An open love letter to Chris Pine

All right Chris Pine,

Can you not? And by can you not, I really mean continue doing what you do because it’s perfect, and there is no need to stop being the best you that you can be. I mean that very sincerely. The movies, the beliefs you stand for, your intelligence, your heart and by just standing there—all of it is just brilliant. Chris Pine, you are so fine.

I’ll start with your face. That lovely face of yours looks good with or without scruff. Those blue eyes of yours are unreal, but I know they are completely real because when I saw them at the London premiere of Star Trek in person—yeah, I was freaking out—I was blown away at their intensity. Also, your hair is flawless, completely impeccable.

But we can move on to what else makes you glorious, and that would be your big heart. Whether it’s raising money to help the homeless or promoting literacy with Milk+Bookies, you care so much about others.

You’re playing Cinderella’s prince in Into the Woods which is an ideal role for you because you are so princely, but what really gets me is the fact that you can sing. Also, you do your own stunts…IS THERE SOMETHING YOU CAN’T DO? For real though.

And to top it off, you’re set with an English degree from UC Berkley and like to read. That’s really all I need to hear. People that likes to read books and are passionate about literature are my favorite kinds of folks, and that means you are one of my favorites. You also care deeply about politics, and I strongly believe everyone needs to have an opinion about the matters that can affect us, so rock on, Mister Pine.

Live long and prosper,
Anjelica Oswald

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