Deck The Green: The Grinch does Christmas shopping

Welcome back Whos! Hope you haven’t exhausted yourselves trimming trees and turkeys and other trim-able things. I’m excited to announce that I have gotten zero preparation for the holiday ready, and here’s why: I can’t stand shopping during the holidays.

Sitting in a queue waiting to get out of the Target parking lot today, I reflected on this. The holidays tend to inspire a Hunger Games-esque feeling in shoppers this time of year. Everybody is only looking out for themselves, hunting down their purchases with reckless abandon, which can lead to terrifying conditions in stores.

My mother told me a tale of two people getting in a physical altercation over a parking space today. Fa la la la la, la la la laaaa.

But really, this is the problem. Going out shopping when the malls are decorated with pretty lights and finding the perfect gift for someone in your life should be a fun experience. But unfortunately, Christmas spirit in regards to shopping is road rage in parking-lot traffic and waiting for an hour to make your purchases, all while surrounded by the exhausted and the not-so-merry.

So for now, visiting my favorite stores to find gifts elicits this reaction:










Looks like online shopping for me (but I’ll have to shell out for express shipping. Bah humbug.)


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