Deck The Green: Reasons to be Joyful

By Anjelica Oswald | @thisisjelli |

Our resident Grinch is back highlighting why Christmas isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. But I feel like we need to add some balance to this and try to get her heart to grow three sizes today. Just call me the resident Cindy Lou Who.

I’m all for the holiday season and the traditions that come with it. Regardless of beliefs or holiday celebrations, the winter season has always been filled with happiness for me. From family get-togethers to decorating the house to making delicious feasts, these memories are some of the best I’ve had. I struggle to get in a bad mood from Halloween until Christmas (aside from the whole finals week in college thing. That always brings me down). I’ve made a list of my top 6 reasons for why I think Christmas time is the best time, but trust me, the list can go on.

1. Music and movies, oh my

One of the greatest parts of the holiday season is the amount of cheerful music and movies that precedes it. I’m the type of person that plays Christmas music before Thanksgiving, and I can’t say I’m sorry about it. The music always makes me happy, it makes me want to dance around, and it brings great memories back. In many places around the world, the time after Halloween is Christmas season because they don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, so my habit isn’t the worst thing in the world. As for the movies, there are plenty of Christmas classics to watch every year and comedies that can make my side ache. There are also quite a few amazing movies that come out on Christmas (not at all Christmas related), and I can look forward to that.

2. Christmas trees. I love everything about Christmas trees, and not the fake ones you can buy from your nearest Wal-Mart. My whole life, we have had nothing but the real deal in our house. My dad has this old jeep from WWII, and each winter, we would ride out into our woods and cut our own pine tree down. These days, we go down the street and buy one from a local farmer, but the picking is the same. Once we get the tree up and trimmed, it’s time for decorating, and I love going through and placing ornaments around the tree, as well as lights and pearls. Okay, so I’m going to lump the whole decorating for the holidays under the tree section. Decorating everything makes me happy. My dad brings out the old ceramic tree he made when he was a teen, we bring out the Mexican ornaments my grandma sewed herself, we lay out the cabin my great-great-grandfather built—each decoration has a story and history, and it comes out once a year.

3. Food. Everything is peppermint, and the world is good. I have pumpkin everything to get me through fall, and the holiday season brings peppermint to the world. Have you ever had Mexican hot chocolate? Have some if you want to taste wonder. Ham, eggnog, gingerbread, everything but the fruit cake.

4.Time off. Finals are done, breaks are given. This time has always meant relaxation, and who doesn’t love relaxation? It’s a chance to take a breath and take it easy.

5. Christmas sweaters. All hail the glory of ugly Christmas sweaters. Whether they are covered in snow men or elves, glittery or painted, woven or knit, the ugly Christmas sweater is a sight to behold. You don’t need a party as an excuse to wear them either, most of those suckers are comfortable for daily wear.

6. Family time and traditions. That’s it. Christmas always been about spending time with the family. For starters, Christmas Eve is my dad’s birthday, so we always have that day reserved for him. We have great food and all watch a movie together. When we were younger, we left cookies and milk for Santa and carrots for the reindeer before heading to bed. I discovered the truth about Santa at the age of three because I asked why Santa had the same handwriting as my dad… the cookies and milk soon transitioned to cookies and beer, because why not? Regardless, it’s a tradition we like to keep with. We would also write Santa thank-you notes, because it’s always great to be polite. The next morning is Christmas morning, and the day starts with the stocking. Once we open that, my dad cooks breakfast (and always cinnamon rolls). Once we finish eating, only then are we allowed to open presents. In the meantime, Looney Tunes is playing all morning long. The rest of the day is meant for relaxation and enjoying the new gifts, watching the new movies and trying on the new clothes. Nothing beats these traditions, not even growing up. You can’t ever be too old for Christmas.

Even the Grinch learned to love Christmas.


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