Deck the Green: Melted Snowman Cookies

By Anna Gibbs | @annachristine38 |

7193929456_0692d7381d_bWith it being the holiday season one dilemma is bound to come up: what kind of treats will be made for this year? You can never go wrong with cookies. One of the most popular cookie ideas, and the one most likely to melt your heart, is the melted snowman cookie.

In order to make these cookies you will need any type of cookie dough that you prefer, regular size marshmallows, white icing and various colors of gel icing.

First, bake your favorite type of cookie. Then, once they have cooled, you are ready to add the white icing. Spread the white icing so that the entire cookie is covered, spreading the icing thinner makes it have a more realistic appeal.

After icing your cookies put your marshmallows in the microwave for about five to ten seconds. After your marshmallows look slightly melted place them on your iced cookies.

Once the marshmallows are placed on your cookies, you can begin the fun, and sometimes aggravating, decorating process. Decorate your marshmallow to resemble how you think a snowman should look like with your gel icing.

These cookies are very simple to make and should be fun to do for the non-perfectionist. Whether these cookies are for Santa Clause, friends and family or just for you, enjoy these adorable, unique treats because just like actual snowmen, they’ll be gone before you know.

Photo By: Flickr/_kimie_

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