An open love letter to Paul Rudd


My dearest Paul Rudd,

Hey there. You’re hosting SNL tonight which is why this love letter is being written by me to you. Because I am looking forward to it greatly. I know you are going to charm the socks right off of everyone who watches you.

Anyway, you really are quite the brilliant man. From your flawless face to your perfect hair and your great style, there is an endless list of things I can admire. I’m not opposed to taking time out of studying for finals to sit here and write about why I love you ever so much. 

Ever since I saw you on Friends, I knew you were destined to greatness. You were adorable then, and you are adorable now. You were hysterical then, and you are absolutely hysterical now. It’s easy to love you.

But not only do you pull off the art of comedies in film and TV, but you’ve done live theater performances as well. You’re a talented fellow, and you never fail to make me happy. You have this personality that just shines through and makes me smile in everything you do. 

You also have such a massive heart. After losing your father to cancer, you’ve done everything you can to help the American Cancer Society and those struggling with cancer. I know it’s tough to lose a loved one, and I’m so sorry, but I can’t thank you enough for helping fight the battle.  

Good luck this evening. I’ll be rooting for you.

Much love,
Anjelica Oswald

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  1. Who can’t resist him? He’s just so great!

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