An open love letter to Tom Hiddleston

Dearest Tom Hiddleston,

Dear lord. I can’t…I don’t….I just…….ohmygod you are perfect.

I knew I was going to write my letter to you this week because Thor: The Dark World came out last night (and yes, I went at midnight). Thor is great. I love Chris, but you, Tom, are the shining star of the film in every sense of the word. Only you can make me love a villain so much. And that ending?! HOLY CRAP. You broke my heart, you made me laugh, you gave me chills and you pissed me off.

But I’m not writing my letter about the movie. I am writing it about you. I just needed to pay homage to your character of Loki because YOU PLAY IT SO WELL. The reason? Because you are the definition of wonderful.

Let’s start with your face. You have an impeccable face. Your hair is perfection, and your smile is adorable. You have the greatest laugh in the history of laughs. It is absolutely infectious.

That leads me to your sense of humor. Dear heavens Tom, how can you be so wonderful? The way you joke about things and the way you poke fun at yourself (i.e. Loki’d) are just so adorable. (I know I keep using that adjective, but I don’t know how else to explain it.) You bust out dance moves all of the time, and I can’t contain my joy.

You are genuinely such a wonderful human being. For example, that time you brought soup to an interviewer on the Red Carpet because he tweeted about being cold? SWOON. Or the time you gave your jacket to another interviewer because she was cold? MELT. You traveled to Guinea, West Africa with UNICEF UK to visit the communities, and you help with the organization still. Take me with?

You speak a little Spanish, so you could talk with my grandma. You play instruments and just like to jam for fun, so let’s jam together. You are extremely intelligent and care about school, and you even went to the same school as Prince William, so we could read books and have debates together. You said to GQ UK, “When the nights draw in it’s nice to come home, tinkle a few ice cubes in a tumbler, pour a little Jameson in and watch a movie.” Sir, nights in are my favorite. Let’s watch movies and relax. You’re favorite tea is Earl Grey with milk? Yes, mine too. Let’s make some tea.

In conclusion, I am going to leave everyone the link to E! online’s list of reasons you are too cute to handle because it is an accurate depiction of everything I have said.  You are a brilliant human being Tom, so thank you for everything.

Never stop fighting. Never stop dreaming,
Anjelica Oswald

And for good measure just because:


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