An open love letter to John Krasinski

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My dearest John Krasinski,

You first wove your way into my heart as Jim Halpert, the ever adorable and most perfect man to ever exist on television. Also, JIm + Pam = jam, and that’s a variation of my nickname Jelli. That means we can be best friends, right?

But you’ve managed to stay in my heart even after The Office ended— for a multitude of reasons.

Your face, smile and hair is perfect, so there’s that; however, that’s not the biggest reason why I love you.

You are environmentally friendly, as shown in your purchase of a “green” home that even uses solar power. I WANT IT. You are also a hysterical and amazing human being in real life. I mean when you did that lip-sync off with Jimmy Fallon? DEAD. Or what about that time you wanted to be an English teacher? You’d make a great teacher. You graduated from Brown. Impressive. You also taught youth basketball while at Brown? PERFECT, you are perfect. You are an incredible person sir.

And then there is you and your wife, Emily Blunt. I can’t handle the adorableness. The way you speak about each other makes me melt inside. It’s all TOO cute for real life.

I’m excited for the little Krasinski to be. I know you and Emily will have a brilliant child because you two are wonderful. I will forever be a fan.

You gotta take a chance on something sometime,
Anjelica Oswald

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