An open love letter to Zac Efron

My dearest Zac,

We all knew this was a long time coming, I mean, how have I not already written a letter to you? I have no idea. But last night I watched the preview for That Awkward Moment (which looks hilariously brilliant by the way), and that’s why I am doing it now.

But I’m now at a crossroads because I don’t know where to start with you.

So there’s that smile of yours and the smolder and the abs and the arms and the hair….just everything. There’s more than that though.

You have been a teenage heartthrob to me since the first time I saw you in High School Musical. I’ll admit that I love you as Link in Hairspray. You won me over in 17 Again. You broke my heart in Charlie St. Cloud. And I guess I’ll stop there because those are the only movies I have seen of yours. I’m sorry I haven’t seen more, but it’s not for lack of wanting to! I swear. I just haven’t had a chance to see many of them. I’ll get to it.

Anyway, here are some things we have in common: You’ve said you used to flip out over B’s in school? Hey, me too. I hear you like bacon cheeseburgers. Nom, me too. You think London is the coolest city ever? LOLZ. Me too. Let’s go. I hear you like to read. Hey, let’s grab a book and relax. I’m down. So yeah, as you can see, we have plenty in common.

Well, I guess I’ll end this love letter by commending your philanthropic events. You’ve shaved your head for charity, helped with Make-A-Wish, worked with the Humane Society and more. Well, there goes my heart fluttering in the wind!

Lots of love,
Anjelica Oswald


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