An Open Love Letter to Ian Somerhalder

WARNING: This post will be photo heavy because I CAN’T JUST PICK A FEW.

Dearest Ian,

I don’t even know where to start with you. I physically cannot handle you over the computer, and I feel like if I were to meet you in person, I would spontaneously melt. Your face, your philanthropy, your smolder, your fashion sense, your kindness, your eyes, you— let me elaborate.

First, your face. Just look at that chiseled jaw line. You pull off the scruff very well, I might add. Your luscious locks are pretty great too. Then, there are your eyes. Your two intoxicatingly blue eyes. Are they real? Because sometimes I think not. But then I see unedited pictures, and I am left swooning. It’s unreal how blue your eyes are you lucky man you. And your eyes then lead to the smolder.

Dear lord, the smolder. I really am not sure if I can put into words what the smolder is. For people who don’t know, just watch an episode of The Vampire Diaries and just watch how he looks at people. DEAD.

So we’ve covered how beautiful you are. I could go on and on, but I won’t bore anyone else with all of that. I’ll just bask in your glorious face and leave it at that. But this leads me to my last point: how wonderfully kind and caring you are.

You love animals and have picture with puppies and kittens AND GRUMPY CAT (see here). You rescued your cute little dog from the streets and named her Nietzsche. Stop it. I can’t handle it. You are also so kind to all of your dear fans who love you so much. I just learned that you reclaim old furniture with your brother just because….okay, cool. And here’s a picture of you riding an elephant because you are perfect and you.

Also, you are so gosh darn philanthropic I don’t even know where to start. From helping those struggling after hurricanes to cleaning up after oil spills to creating you own foundationThe Ian Somerhalder Foundation (launched on December 8, 2010, Somerhalder’s 32nd birthday) to protect the environment and animals. You are perfect.

And to end it, you said the way to a girl’s heart is her stomach. Smart man. Smart man. So now that I’m done ranting, I’ll stop writing. Keep being great and brilliant and perfect.

You can definitely get to my heart through my stomach,
Anjelica Oswald



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