An open love letter to Joseph Morgan

My dearest Joseph,

I’ll admit that you weren’t openly in my life until I started watching The Vampire Diaries again, but now that I have, I never want to see you go.

I mean first on my list of things I love about you are your eyes, your intoxicatingly deep and vibrantly blue-green eyes. Here’s a cheesy line from me to you— I could swim in your eyes all day. (You’re welcome)

So, you also have that accent going for you, and I’m a sucker for a man with an accent.

AND THAT SMIRK. That honest to goodness, dimply smirk melts my heart like butter in a microwave.

You like comics…and I like comics…so we could read some comics together. And that leads me to the fact that you have a good taste in pop culture, like the Superman movie and The Walking Dead. So I mean, we could watch some things and hang out and be nerds together.

I find it brilliant that you are into directing and writing as well, because that shows that you have many talents. You aren’t afraid to take some risks and work towards what you want, all the while being creative. Cheers, mate.

But the most admirable thing about you, love, is that you care about the world. You are an avid supporter of Positive Women, which for those who don’t know, works to improve the lives of women suffering from HIV/Aids . You urged people to donate to the cause instead of getting you anything for your birthday.

Can you say adorable?

You may play that manipulative and cunning, but alluring and loving, Klaus on Vampire Diaries, but I know that you have a big heart.

I can’t wait to see more of what you do, and I hope they bring Klaus back from The Originals to The Vampire Diaries, because even though I love you dearly, I’m cheering for Klaroline even more.

And that’s the honest truth.

I intend on being your last love,
Anjelica Oswald

PS I’m not entirely a creep, I swear. That is a quote from Vampire Diaries, ya fools.


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