TV: ‘Glee’ to address addiction in Monteith tribute

By Meryl Gottlieb|| @buzzlightmeryl
Glee will return to Fox in the fall on September 26


According to Fox entertainment chairman, Kevin Reilly, Glee will most likely end after season six.

“I would not anticipate it goes beyond two more seasons,” he told The Hollywood Reporter. “There’s two very clear arcs to get to that end and conclude. Listen, if we discover a new crop of kids and there’s some breakout, who knows? But right now we’re thinking about two seasons.”

When the show was renewed for two years in April, my skepticism hit an all-time high. The show has gone downhill and even the declining ratings are a reflection of the people’s apathy for the show. Personally, I’m not sure how the show will last another two years, especially after star Cory Monteith’s death in mid-July. The Finchel storyline was a major part of the show and continuing on without that seems improbable. Not to mention the fact that principal characters continue to leave — ahem, Jayma Mays.

A special tribute to Monteith is planned for the 2013 Emmy Awards in September.

The Monteith tribute episode on Glee will be the third episode in season five, and Reilly said it will “deal directly with drug addiction and with the circumstances surrounding Cory’s death.” However, he said that does not mean Finn will die of an overdose.

PSAs from the cast will air throughout the episode and proceeds from the episode’s music sales will go to a scholarship fund for kids established in the name of the late actor.


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