TV: Rob Lowe and Rashida Jones are leaving ‘Parks and Recreation’

By Meryl Gottlieb|| @buzzlightmeryl
Parks and Recreation will return to NBC in the fall on September 26

I have lit-er-al-ly never been sadder over the news of an actor’s departure from a show.

Buzzfeed announced the news Wednesday that the two will leave the show after the 13th episode of the sixth season. Just as I was getting pumped for a guaranteed hilarious season — I mean look at the guest stars — this terrible news has to strike.

How on earth will Leslie (Amy Poehler) carry on without her sweet, beautiful Ann (Jones)?!?! And I lit-rally cannot picture Parks and Rec without Lowe as the ever-optimistic Chris Traeger.

Jones has been on the show since its premiere in 2009 while Lowe joined toward the end of season two.

I’m guessing the two will be written off together since Ann and Chris are currently trying to have a baby together though no official reason has been given.

Now let’s express our feels in gifs:

The-Office-gifs-the-office-14948948-240-196   tumblr_mf038dOxl11rrs0zj


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