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By Meryl Gottlieb|| @buzzlightmeryl


July 31st has a special place in the hearts of Harry Potter fans around the world. For it is not only the birthday of the beloved hero of one of the most popular series ever published, but it also the birthday of its author, J.K. Rowling.

This year marks Rowling’s 48th birthday while Harry Potter turns 33. To celebrate the occasion, Entertainment Weekly comprised a wonderful list of 33 things to love about Harry.

This day is worth mentioning — and even worth a blog post — because, speaking as a Harry Potter fan, we need these kind of memorials to celebrate our love of a series that was completed six years ago and a film franchise that ended two years ago. We’re itching for more Potter and will take any excuse we have to talk about it as much as possible.

Remember the thrill of placing a pre-order for the newest installment of the series or the struggle to convince your mom that you could stay awake long enough to go to a midnight premiere? I do, and I will never forget those moments. Harry Potter was a huge part of my childhood — as I know it was with so many others of my generation as well — and it truly was the series that encouraged me to read and made me an avid reader. My grandma couldn’t thank Rowling enough for that.

Any time anything Harry Potter pops up, my attention is instantly drawn. Since Potterheads no longer have new material to look forward to, our hearts do a special jump when we see anything related to our favorite series. And that feeling will never go away.

Some day I would like to say that something I wrote made half of the impact Harry Potter has made on my generation and the world.

Happy Birthday Jo, and Happy Birthday Harry.


By Meryl Gottlieb|| @buzzlightmeryl
Parks and Recreation will return to NBC in the fall on September 26

I have lit-er-al-ly never been sadder over the news of an actor’s departure from a show.

Buzzfeed announced the news Wednesday that the two will leave the show after the 13th episode of the sixth season. Just as I was getting pumped for a guaranteed hilarious season — I mean look at the guest stars — this terrible news has to strike.

How on earth will Leslie (Amy Poehler) carry on without her sweet, beautiful Ann (Jones)?!?! And I lit-rally cannot picture Parks and Rec without Lowe as the ever-optimistic Chris Traeger.

Jones has been on the show since its premiere in 2009 while Lowe joined toward the end of season two.

I’m guessing the two will be written off together since Ann and Chris are currently trying to have a baby together though no official reason has been given.

Now let’s express our feels in gifs:

The-Office-gifs-the-office-14948948-240-196   tumblr_mf038dOxl11rrs0zj

By Meryl Gottlieb|| @buzzlightmeryl
Glee will return to Fox in the fall on September 26


The past two weeks in the Glee world have been chaotic but things are finally slowing down. Here’s the latest news surrounding the New Directions.

Jayma Mays announced at the Smurfs 2 premiere that she is leaving Glee after season five. As previously reported, Mays has signed on to Will Arnett’s new CBS comedy The Millers. And I’m not angry with her decision. The Wemma storyline has gone downhill since season one. However, I am extremely curious as to how they will handle her departure. Will (Matthew Morrison) and Emma (Mays) just got married at the end of season four. Is their marriage going to take a sudden — and completely unbelievable — turn for the worse or is Emma going to magically run away and try to save the world from germs? Here’s hoping Morrison sees this as his exit too.

Darren Criss and Lucy Hale will host the 2013 Teen Choice Awards, which will air Aug. 11 on Fox. So I guess I finally have a reason to watch this show.

BQW1m6ACIAEPtM9Lea Michele broke her silence Monday after co-star and boyfriend Cory Monteith’s death in mid-July. She took to Twitter to thank fans for their support and posted a photo of her and Monteith.

“Thank you all for helping me through this time with your enormous love & support. Cory will forever be in my heart,” Michele wrote.

I think it’s safe to say that most people were really waiting for Michele’s public reaction to Monteith’s passing. As someone who tweeted multiple times a day, Michele’s absence from Twitter was quite ominous and heart-wrenching. The moment I found out about Monteith, my heart immediately went to Michele, and I believe most people felt the same way.

Jenna Ushkowitz and Kevin McHale also used social media to remember their friend and co-star. Both posted pictures on Instagram with messages detailing their sorrow for the loss and how much they will miss their friend.

“So thankful that I and so many of you got to experience Cory’s overwhelming kindness, humor and talent. There will not be a day that goes by that I won’t miss him. Thank you all for your incredible support and patience,” McHale wrote.

“I am so grateful that Glee brought this group of extraordinary individuals together to form a family. I was lucky enough to closely experience the love and light that Cory shared with the world, as well as having the privilege of traveling down the road together on a once in a lifetime journey. Cory always reminded me to be gracious, kind and open, and he will leave a mark in my heart forever. Thank you everyone for your constant support and love while we mourn the loss of our dear friend, and continued support to Cory’s family, and to Lea,” Ushkowitz wrote.

BQRyAEaCAAAM0WW.jpg-largeThe cast and crew gathered Thursday for a private memorial for Monteith.

“Ryan Murphy and Lea Michele gathered the cast, crew and producers of Glee along with colleagues from the network and studio, to share memories and music in an emotional celebration of the life of Cory Monteith,” Twentieth Century Fox Television said in a statement. “We thank the public for their continued outpouring of love and support as we grieve our friend and colleague during this difficult time.”

Meanwhile, Murphy tweeted this picture of a fan-made Glee logo, saying it was “really moving.”

By Meryl Gottlieb|| @buzzlightmeryl
Saturday Night Live will return to NBC in the fall



During a taping for Late Show with David Letterman, Jason Sudeikis confirmed he will not return to Saturday Night Live for its 39th season.

“I’m definitely done; I’m not coming back next fall,” Sudeikis said.

Sudeikis has been a member of SNL for 10 seasons, two spent writing and eight on camera. His exit follows the departures of Bill Hader and Fred Armisen who both left after the 38th season finale in May. Seth Meyers is also expected to leave the Weekend Update desk before 2014 in order to prepare to take over Late Night from Jimmy Fallon who is to soon headline The Tonight Show.

According to Variety, this foursome’s exit can be detrimental to the show.

“The quadruple exit leaves SNL in the unenviable position of having to recruit multiple new gentlemen,” Variety‘s Andrew Wallenstein wrote. “Even if all the new entries turn out to be the next Will Ferrells, it’s a lot of new blood to take in at once. Few new cast members ever have an instant impact on SNL; it can take years for rookies to really grow into their own skin.”

Sudeikis wanted to quit last season but producer Lorne Michaels convinced him to stay.

Sudeikis is expected to focus on his film career, including the upcoming comedy We’re the Millers, which will premiere Aug. 9.

On Letterman, Sudeikis joked about missing SNL when it comes closer to the time he would usually start preparing ideas for the next season.

“Can I make this sketch last 90 minutes and turn it into a movie?! Probably not,” the actor said.

By Meryl Gottlieb|| @buzzlightmeryl
Parks and Recreation will return to NBC September 26


We will be seeing stars on season six of Parks and Recreation. Kristen Bell (Veronica MarsHouse of Lies) and Henry Winkler (Happy DaysArrested Development) are set to visit Pawnee in the fall.

Bell will play Ingrid, a snooty City Councilwoman from rival town Eagleton. Bell’s character will first meet Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) at the annual Pawnee-Eagleton high school basketball game. Let’s just imagine how hilarious those scenes will be… yeah, they’re going to be awesome.

“She’s Leslie’s equivalent, but richer and better dressed,” said executive producer Michael Schur.

But we won’t see Bell immediately. Parks returns for its sixth season on Sept. 26, and the one-hour premiere will be set in London. Bell’s episode is slated to air in early October.

But we will see The Fonz in the premiere!! Winkler is set to play Jean-Ralphio’s (Ben Schwartz) father and will possibly return in future episodes. This is the second family member we’ve met, after last year Jenny Slate was brought on to play Jean-Ralphio’s equally ridiculous and hilariously egotistical sister, Mona-Lisa.

One of the funniest shows on air now, Parks never fails to make me laugh. Poehler is always hilarious; Aubrey Plaza as April Ludgate delivers the best dry comedy; Rob Lowe is lit-er-al-ly the greatest as Chris Traeger; and Nick Offerman is Ron-freaking-Swanson. Enough said. If you aren’t watching this show, you’re missing out on great, smart comedy.

By Meryl Gottlieb|| @buzzlightmeryl
How I Met Your Mother returns to CBS September 23 at 8 p.m.

The kids are not all right.

Ted’s (Josh Radnor) kids, played by David Henrie and Lyndsy Fonseca, have sat on that couch for eight years and are starting to get annoyed. Dressed in the same outfits they were in for How I Met Your Mother’s pilot back in 2005, Henrie and Fonseca’s characters exclaim their grievances with their father, who has taken eight years to tell them the story of how he met their mother.

“I know all the lyrics to ‘Let’s Go to the Mall’ but I don’t know who the f*****g president is,” Fonseca shouted.

The video from the cast and crew’s first appearance at the San Diego Comic-Con is a wildly hilarious satire of the show. Pinpointing very real issues like how Ted has told his children about sexual relationships he has had with several women and how they’ve gone through puberty on the couch show how witty the HIMYM writers are. Being able to make fun of itself in a very smart way simply proves there is genius behind the show.

Here’s hoping this is the first scene of the ninth and final season.

The HIMYM Comic-Con panel was also full of teases for the last season, which is set entirely during Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) and Robin’s (Cobie Smulders) wedding weekend. But don’t fret about that. Harris said it will work because of all the mini-chapters that occur and the added fact that the show frequently flashes to different points in time.

And we will get to know the Mother, says creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas.

“We, like you, want to get to know this girl,” Bays said. “We want to see Ted happy and we want to see the great moments that are ahead of him once he meets this girl.”

“We’re going to spend season nine getting to know her,” Thomas added.

Apparently, Wayne Brady — whose character will be getting a divorce — Sherri Shepherd and Ellie Kemper may not be the only guest stars.

BPpJ5GDCAAAubLr“We’re throwing a wedding and everyone’s invited!” said Bays. “If there’s someone that you’ve loved over the past eight years on the show, there’s a good chance that they’ll be there.”

Even Robin Sparkles may get a final performance as Thomas teased, “People sing at weddings.”

And quite possibly the best teaser of all: the future of the slap bet. Marshall (Jason Segel) still has two slaps left, and the creators promised to make them memorable.

“There’s going to be an episode in the middle of the season that plays during the course of one slap,” Bays said. “Like we’re going to get the tennis camera that the US Open uses that takes like a minute to look at someone’s serve and that’s going to be a slap and you’re going to be flashing back and forth.”

To further the glory of the final slaps, Marshall’s song, “You Just Got Slapped” will be redone by a famous artist yet to be revealed.

Other teases dealt with the landmark 200th episode of the show, which will be the 16th episode of the season. Thomas said the episode will be much different than the 100th episode, which featured the lavish musical number “Girls vs. Suits.”

“It pertains to the Mother,” Bays said. “There’s a way in which we get to know the Mother more this season and that episode is a good indication of it.”

I’m just hoping they finally explain the pineapple incident.

By Meryl Gottlieb|| @buzzlightmeryl


Looks like Sutton Foster can return to Broadway sooner than later after her first starring role in a TV series has come to an end.

Foster starred in the ABC Family show about Vegas showgirl Michelle Simms (Foster) who becomes a dance teacher in small town Paradise, CA at her mother-in-law’s, Fanny Flowers (Kelly Bishop), ballet studio.

The show aired on June 11, 2012 and had its final episode of its first — and last — season on February 25.

Co-created by Gilmore Girls’ Amy Sherman-Palladino, Bunheads was quite similar to Gilmore Girls in the fact that it had female central characters and its dialogue was every so biting and quick. A banter that was always hilarious and on point. Any scene between Foster and Bishop was always a treat. Seriously, where will I find smart, funny banter between two leading ladies better than what Sherman-Palladino gave us?

While the show was much richer and simply more watchable than other somehow popular ABC Family originals, Bunheads struggled to pull in viewers. ABC Family typically pulls the plug much quicker on low-rated shows, but it waited to make a decision as TV Line reported the network tried to find more cost-effective ways to produce the show. Unfortunately, they couldn’t make it work.

Bunheads is a wonderful series that we are very proud to have aired,” an ABC Family rep said in a statement. “The series had amazing storytelling, the most talented cast and a passionate and loyal fan base. Recognizing all of this, we took extra time to try and find ways to bring the series back for another season, but in the end it simply wasn’t possible.  We wish the cast and crew the best in their future endeavors.”