TV: ‘Glee’ needs more NeNe and Idina and less hypocrisy

By Meryl Gottlieb|| @buzzlightmeryl
Glee airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on Fox
Rating: 2.5/5

Before I begin, I feel as if I must warn you all about the oncoming cynicism and extreme sass. Tonight’s episode, “Sweet Dreams,” was not horrible; it simply made my eyes hurt from the amount of eye rolls I had for 75 percent of the moments that happened.

The first eye roll of the night happened within the first minute of the episode as Finn (Cory Monteith) narrates his first days at the University of Lima, which he somehow got accepted to in the middle of a semester. Real life. What is even more realistic is the amount of Harlem Shakes that happen on that campus. What is this nonsense?!

Rachel (Lea Michele) is preparing to audition for Funny Girl, finally!! Her monologue reminded me of the old Rachel and made me long for the days when she was crazy about Barbra and, well, crazy in general.

Roz Washington (NeNe Leakes) is back!!!!!!! If you couldn’t tell, I am kind of excited about this. “The child from the ghetto” is now the new Cheerios coach.

What on earth is happening in the glee club? Sam (Chord Overstreet) is pretending he has a twin — and it is NOT funny so stop — Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz) has donned some new wannabe-goth style and everyone else is just weird. But really, that Sam thing was a terrible idea.

Marley (Melissa Benoist) wants the glee club to sing her songs at Regionals, but Will (Matthew Morrison) turns down any suggestions and already has a set list planned to go along with the theme of “Dreams.” Of course, all the songs include the word “dreams” in them. Creative.

After last week’s episode that focused on the issue of gun violence, one would think the show would follow with something that would be a good transition from that heavy topic. Nope. They just go right into insane college partying. Girls are taking their bikini tops off as payment to go water sliding, insane parties are occurring in the dorm hallways and everything is overdone.

This is why I am overly annoyed with Glee.

How on earth can you go from one week where you preach about moral topics like holding on to every minute with the people you care about to now showing college girls that it is ok to take your top off in order to get into a party. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?! You attempt to transcend the stereotypical norms of our society  by advocating to love the way you are and then you actually fit right into them by allowing these girls to show off their breasts and hug Finn because they are cute. I’m disgusted and annoyed. I could rant for much longer but I may break the keys on my laptop so I’ll stop.

Puck (Mark Salling) has joined Finn at college, not to take classes, but, what else, to just party. What a great message to the viewers. Will comes by to apologize to Finn and asks him to come back to McKinley, but Finn refuses because he’s “pretty busy with college,” which he says in that smug tone that I absolutely detest. I hate Finn more and more.

The glee club comes up with their own ideas for a set list for Regionals, but Will won’t hear it. He seriously freaks out about how they are “defying” him — here he is awarded a drastic Liz Lemon eye roll — and even attacks Unique (Alex Newell), Blaine (Darren Criss) and Sam. Who are you?! What on earth is happening to this show?

He goes to get the coffee he skipped to get to glee club rehearsal — yes, he said that — and expects them to rehearse his songs when he comes back. Well, it’s done. I officially hate Will too.

Another favorite of mine returned: Shelby Corcoran (Idina Menzel)!!! She comes to help Rachel for her audition. She tells her to not be a copy of Barbra — I’m glad someone finally told her that. No one can play Barbra playing Fanny. You have to play Fanny like you would play her!

The two duet to “Next to Me” and I believe my ears and heart melted from happiness. My oh my how I have missed Idina. She needs to be a regular. Some of the best episodes from season one and three were ones she was featured in. Just saying.

Marley, Blaine, Sam and Unique sing “You Have More Friends Than You Know,” which I felt overwhelmed by but not in a good way. The lyrics were so overt; I felt like they were shoving the message down my throat. Ok, I get it; it’s a feel-good song. Yay.

For her audition, Rachel sings “Don’t Stop Believin’.” You know, because they have never done that on the show before. As she performs, she imagines her original fellow glee club members on stage with her. I love the original, but we get it.

All of a sudden, Puck tells Finn to shape up so they can prove people wrong and be something. Now you want to do something? Oh ok.

tumblr_mlhg182sVw1qeb7qjo12_r1_250Roz is suspicious of how Blaine and Becky (Lauren Potter) became co-captains. In a hilarious scene, she makes them recite an oath promising that they will not put a hex on her like she suspects they did on Sue – the reason for the whole gun incident. I must highlight that her new nickname for Blaine is “Fruity Fonzie.” Not as wonderful as “Young Burt Reynolds,” but still great.

Finn is going to get college credit for working at McKinley. Yes, because that is how college works. Except, he tells Will that he won’t be some errand boy; he wants to be treated like a teacher. Says the boy who was sliding on a waterslide one week ago.

Rachel got a callback for Funny Girl!!!!

Will apologizes to Marley and asks if the club can use her songs to perform at Regionals. What a great transition into another subpar feel-good song, “Outcast.” While better than the first song, it still annoyed me. Songs saying “you are great” and “stay true to you” irritate me.

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