TV: Jason Segel steals the show on ‘How I Met Your Mother’

By Meryl Gottlieb|| @buzzlightmeryl
How I Met Your Mother airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on CBS
Rating: 4/5

Romeward Bound

The writers for How I Met Your Mother must have a hard time keeping up their creativity after certain episodes, for it seems they can never manage to create a run of excellent episodes playing one after the other.

After a two-week hiatus, I eagerly awaited a fantastic follow up to the flawless “Time Travelers” episode. What I got, however, was a placeholder. Sure, tonight’s episode, “Romeward Bound” was full of funny moments and was still good overall; but, you cannot go from flawless to good. In “Time Travelers,” I remembered why I had always loved Ted (Josh Radnor) but in tonight’s episode, I remembered why I began to dislike him.

The Captain (Kyle MacLachlan) is moving to Rome and wants Lily (Alyson Hannigan) to join him for a year. Though she is excited about the opportunity, she is worried that Marshall (Jason Segel) will resent her since his law firm is such a success.

To get the point across, we flash to Marshall being miserable and taking care of Marvin all day. Then, in black and white, he meets a beautiful woman who offers to go to Minnesota with him. These little moments of brilliance truly make the show sometimes.

Ted and Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) are desperately trying to get a girl in a giant puff coat to take off the coat so they can see her “redonkulous” body, which Ted has seen because she goes to his yoga class.

Stop these nonsensical storylines! I know that we are close to meeting The Mother, so I understand placeholders are needed for Ted’s storylines until then, but do they have to involve him drooling after every pretty woman?

This woman is different: she’s Barney and Robin’s (Cobie Smulders) wedding planner, Liddy (Mircea Monroe). Now, they all have to talk to her and still attempt to get her to take the coat off. Like the awesome girl she is, Robin is interested too.

Lilly turns down the offer. She goes to tell Marshall and finds him in an empty office. Apparently, he has been lying about how well the firm has been doing. He only has one other coworker and there are no clients. She then questions why he always seemed busy when she called. Technically, what he has been saying were not lies. I will now ask you to enjoy the following gifs:









Puns galore! I loved that segment. I love Segel. His comedic talents are impeccable, especially when he impersonates an Italian mobster in an all white suit. Don’t Bogart all the Funions — the only phrase he knows how to say in Italian.

After Marshall asks for another chance, the Captain offers Lily the opportunity a second time, but, again, she turns it down. This time, she admits she is afraid of doing a bad job. She talks to Marshall about it and they decide to go to Rome after all.

Oh no. How is this going to affect season nine?!

Barney laments that they need Marshall to ask the girl to take the coat off because he doesn’t have “the stink” — from pheromones — since he has found the girl of his dreams already. Robin then calls him out and asks why he can’t do that since she is supposed to be the girl of his dreams.

Barney manages to do it and they are all blinded by an orange glow that Liddy’s body emits. All right, I’ll admit that was pretty funny — at least their reactions were.

Afterward, Ted warns Barney of being too lax about other girls in front of Robin; she may not be as cool as she seems. Barney takes great offense to this, saying that Ted doesn’t know his fiancée better than he does and he is not the one getting married in three weeks.

That last scene between Barney and Ted is what saved that entire storyline for me. Maybe that was the point, however I still always expect more. Instead of wasting our time on a storyline on some girl’s body, focus on the characters! That is where all the genius of the show comes from!

Plus, I am a little bitter than no hints of The Mother were included. We were left knowing they had 45 days until they met; well, how many days are left now?! Was it 45 days real world time or HIMYM time?

Like I said, I expect more from the writers, but I still have to give them and the actors credit for a very funny episode. Special shout out to Segel once again.


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