TV: Hilty bares it all on ‘Smash’

By Meryl Gottlieb|| @buzzlightmeryl
Smash airs Saturdays at 9 p.m. on NBC
Rating: 3/5


Once again, tonight’s episode, “The Dress Rehearsal,” was not the worst I have ever seen. Karen (Katharine McPhee), on the other hand, is another story. She was terrible, as always. Mainly, the episode was saved by brilliant performnaces from Megan Hilty and Kyrsta Rodriguez, again.

Ivy (Megan Hilty) and Derek (Jack Davenport) slept together. Can we not revisit old storylines that no one liked? However, things have changed from the last time they were together. Ivy seems much more in control and even bosses Derek around.

Jimmy (Jeremy Jordan) frantically wrote nine songs in three days so that he and Karen don’t have to worry about their parts being cut in order to make room for Ana’s (Krysta Rodriguez) Diva. Here, Karen makes the worse attempt to sneak a reference to his drug use when asking him how he managed to stay up. Am I going to have to include an eye roll in every Smash review now?

Because it is his first time as a director, Tom (Christian Borle) is incredibly anxious about Bombshell’s previews. It doesn’t help that the first night was chock full of mistakes.

Eileen (Anjelica Huston) and Julia (Debra Messing) want to cancel the second preview, but Tom is convinced he can fix all of the issues in the six hours until curtain. Oh really? In what world does this actually happen in a Broadway production? No show could have possibly ever gone through the amount of changes Bombshell has and certainly not in the short amounts of time it is given.

One of those mistakes was during the JFK number when Ivy’s undergarment accidentally slipped and she bared it all to the audience. Except, Eileen, Julia and Tom all felt it aided the scene by displaying Marilyn’s vulnerability with JFK. They want to keep it in the show, but they ask Ivy to think it over and decide.

While helping out with Hit List, Julia tells Derek that once you are not involved with a cast member, it is easier to truly see the play. Wow; what a stunning revelation!

BHICrepriseDerek takes the advice and orders a run-through, which allows him to come up with a brilliant idea for the show. Now, Hit List will begin with the ending, which means the Diva starts it off by singing an acapella version of “Broadway Here I Come” while pointing a gun at the audience.

Again, Rodriguez gets to shine. This scene was only a minute long but it was some of the best acting Smash has ever seen. Congrats, Derek. You have finally shown why everyone talks so highly of your directing talents.

However, Karen and Jimmy are less than pleased that the Diva is taking Amanda’s song. Stop being petty for one second. Did you not just see that brilliant scene? If you did, then you would not be arguing this.

Karen is an awful person. Not only is she the worst actor, she is now a terrible friend. She yells at Ana for not saying no to when Derek gave her the song, and she also says that he was only doing that because he is mad at her and Jimmy’s relationship. If I could swear in these reviews, I would be cussing up a storm. Words do not express how much I detest this character.

Sam (Leslie Odom Jr.) tells Ivy to not do the nude scene because her acting alone can bring that sense of vulnerability. She should let people remember the show because of her acting and not because of her breasts. I adore this man. Please keep him around.

Julia and Tom come up with an idea to fix the intermission length issues: add in a musical number, of course. Obviously, the entire cast memorizes the lyrics and choreography and the orchestra certainly learns the score as well. That’s how Broadway works, right?

I must say their idea was really cool. Having cast members in the audience doing a reprise of “Dig Deep” allowed the scene change some extra time while also impressing the audience with an “interactive” cast.

Ivy decides to not drop her undergarment in the JFK number. Instead, she does it in the dialogue scene after when Marilyn tries to keep JFK from leaving her and returning to Jackie. Megan Hilty is such a brilliant actress and she truly shined tonight. This scene was amazing.

Sam wants to leave the show because doing this show won’t help his career. Did you not just listen to what I was saying? I said keep him.

The New York Times published an article comparing Bombshell and Hit List and is definitely favoring Hit List. Eileen is furious. Tom is more so upset at the truth that was disclosed in the article: Julia seems more involved with Hit List than with Bombshell.

Karen tells Jimmy she “wants to be with him for a long time.” Yes. I quoted that word for word. Yes, I really really hate her.

The drug dealer approaches Ana after a performance and I’m only fearful because I thought he was going to hurt her. However, he was just there as some sort of foreshadow so prepare to not care in later episodes.


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