Film: ‘Olympus’ Hasn’t ‘Fallen’ Short of Expectations

By Nathan Gordon | | @GordonRises
Olympus Has Fallen  | Directed by Antoine Fuqua | Rated R
RATING: 3.5/5

Olympus Has Fallen Poster First Words

2013 is a year where we can expect two movies based off of the White House going through some type of takeover and, shall I say, some remodeling. White House Down won’t hit theaters until June, but no worries, because the first of the White House destruction movies has been released for our enjoyment. Olympus Has Fallen gets the ball rolling on this year’s double feature of White House flicks.


After the White House finds itself under a terrorist attack, former guard for the President and Secret Service agent Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) makes his way inside to put a stop to the terrorist and save the kidnapped President (Aaron Eckhart).


Olympus Has Fallen definitely delivered on it main purpose, which in my opinion was to give the audience an explosive and entertaining time at the movies. Those of you how aren’t into all of the violence and explosions might disagree. For those who are on the opposite side of the spectrum, like I said, you walk away from this film with some type of enjoyment. This movie gives the viewer exciting shootouts (which includes a cool looking missile attack from enemy planes in the beginning), hand-to-hand combat action sequences, and even some touches of humor that movies like this have been known to add.

Although most of the cast seemed to be just going through the motions of what their character should be like, Butler and Morgan Freeman seemed to stand out. Butler’s acting job was nothing to marvel at, but he seems to be very entertaining to watch in those tough guy roles. In the case of Freeman, all his work was done sitting at a table. Still, he was able to convey the mounting stress of being abruptly given the job as President during a gigantic crisis.


While Olympus Has Fallen was entertaining, the event that got everything going is just very hard to believe. I realize that this is a movie, so real life should be tossed out of the window. But, at some extents, it has to be pointed out. I’ve personally never been to the White House, but I would hope that it is much more difficult to attack than how it was shown in the movie. Yes, there were several people inside the White House and inside its gates to put up a fight. But how planes can get near it and how people can find a way into the gates should have been made much more difficult. If director Antoine Fuqua added that more difficult element, and the terrorist were still able to break through, then it would have been fine. Other elements in the movie just seem to be thrown in to make the movie more interesting, but aren’t thought-out to make sense; one example being not knowing exactly why someone becomes a trader of the U.S. Also, some of the CGI moments in the film were too obvious to the point that it just looked silly.

Last Words

Olympus Has Fallen is fun for the interested audience, and that is its intended purpose, but it should of worked harder on the other elements that make the story itself run. Now, seeing how Hollywood just went through a very similar situation last year with two movies released with similar premises- both being based off the story of Snow White- it’s only natural that we compare the two sets of movies in some way. We can’t answer this question until this summer, but we must get ready to ask ourselves: Is Olympus Has Fallen going to be the Mirror Mirror or Snow White and the Huntsman of the White House movies?


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