An Open Love Letter to the Harries twins

So we’ve come to the point in my life where I admit that I am a fangirl. As if my previous letters weren’t an indication, this one will take the cake. That I can promise you. But just sit tight. You’ll understand soon enough.

Dearest Jack and FInn,

I’m not even sure where to start with you guys. I mean, I guess I can start with how I was first introduced to you both. My roommate last semester was a huge Tyler Oakley fan, so we would watch his videos every week. One day though, my life changed.

You two appeared out of nowhere, and it was instant love. After subscribing to your YouTube channel JacksGap, I was hooked. You two were absolutely hysterical, and not in the ‘I’m trying too hard because I’m on YouTube and want people to like me’ way. You two are side-clinching hilarious in the ‘this is our personality just the way we are’ way, and that’s what makes your channel so great.

Also the fact that you are British twins and easy (really easy) on the eyes doesn’t hurt either. 

And those smiles? Dear lord, those smiles. Then you played guitar for your super talented sister, Jack, and I lost it. Your family is all so very talented.

I’ve been following you guys for half a year now and can say that you two are not only charming, hilarious and very handsome lads, but you both have such large hearts. 

The video you made for Comic Relief on your visit to South Africa was both extremely touching and incredibly revealing. You both are using your talents and popularity to reach out and help others. I think that is the best thing anybody can do in this world.

Jack, you are a brilliant filmmaker and prankster and photographer and wonderful human being. Finn, you are a talented graphic artist and photographer and designer who has a brilliant taste in music. Congratulations on being perfect guys.

Now one final point before I go. I have been studying in London for a good three months now. I came to London with a few goals in mind: visit Kensington Palace, master the Underground, get on TV, do well at uni and meet the Harries twins.

I’ve done well on the first four, but destiny hasn’t been so kind on that last goal. As fate would have it, living in London still doesn’t bring me close enough to randomly bump into you on the street.

I get that London is a big city, but what’s a girl to do when fate hands her a bad deck of cards?

I mean, we could go get some Nando’s (which I finally went to at the beginning of March. Thanks guys for that tip) or I could be your best friend and appear in a video. But in the end, all I’m asking for is a random run in on the street so I can get a picture and tell you how great you are in person. Will fate at least hand me that?

I swear I’m not crazy. I’m never even this brash. I’m pretty sure everyone can vouch for me when I say I’m a shy girl with a tendency to run, but I’m trying to change fate here. My thousands of apologies for being one of those crazy fangirls. I don’t mean to be so straightforward.

Well boys, I’ll leave you with this. I hope you enjoyed your American adventures, take care of Sophie, keep making videos, enjoy some Nando’s and take care.

Wising you the best,
Anjelica Oswald


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