A dysfunctional life hidden in lyrics

William Hoffman

Staff Writer | wh092010@ohiou.edu | @Wilbur_Hoffman


Having been in the Athens rap scene for over 10 yeImagears, Hil Hackworth has gained some major respect all across Ohio, and his new solo project, Hidden In Lyrics, is one of the most ambitious and infectious projects to date.

Following last years album, Dysfunctional Family Reunion, which required a great deal of collaboration among artists, Hidden in Lyrics is written, produced and mastered exclusively by Hackworth and focuses on his recent struggles in his love life.

Hackworth said he broke up with his girlfriend of two years and almost instantly started writing about the loneliness he felt, and that emotion certainly comes out in the album.

Hackworth doesn’t hold anything back, sharing a great deal of his personal life with fans — loss, betrayal, anger, violence, love and hate.

What’s even better is that Hackworth puts a hook to all of his songs. I found myself going back and listening to songs such as “Natural,” “What Am I Doing Here” and “Jolene” over and over again because I couldn’t get the song out of my head.

“Natural” is easily one of the more uplifting songs from the album, seemingly about Hackworth’s recovery from his previous relationship and being a natural at getting back to chasing women. The chorus has a catchy hook and it’s supported by a cocky swagger in his verses. I actually had to look up the chorus to make sure it wasn’t a sample from another song — it’s that catchy.

But it’s songs like this that are in stark contrast to his more serious songs such as “The Opposite Of Love,” which talks about the duality of his two-year-relationship. “I’m sleeping on the couch wonder what just happened,” Hackworth raps on the song. “I started with the yelling she started with the slapping, I started with the shut the fuck up she started crying. I’ll never understand this girl there’s no denying.”

“Jolene” is another emotional song that samples Dolly Parton’s hit song of the same title. The guitar part is cleverly taken from the song and set to a hip-hop drum beat and sick bass lick. And Dolly Parton’s vocals add an oddly ominous feel to the story of the song.

The album is one of the most emotional and personal albums to come out of Athens in recent years and anyone from hardcore rap enthusiasts to rock and roll die hards can appreciate the story it tells.

All of this is not to mention that it’s a quick 10 song listen and a free download off of bandcamp. Hackworth has made a record from the emotional anguish he felt and this album will surely come to connect with others who feel the same.


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