TV: ‘How I Met Your Mother’ was solid with “The Fortress”

By Meryl Gottlieb|| @buzzlightmeryl
How I Met Your Mother airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on CBS
Rating: 5/5


How could you not have loved tonight’s How I Met Your Mother episode, “The Fortress?” The creativity was top-notch, all the characters shined, and Neil Patrick Harris was half-naked a lot.

You can never have enough of half-naked Neil Patrick Harris.

Before I begin, I want to say how much I appreciated and loved the shorter jokes that were thrown into the dialogue. Unfortunately, I cannot discuss all of them, so I advise you all to go watch the episode, now. Seriously.

Robin (Cobie Smulders) encourages Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) that they need a new place to live because she does not want to live in his bachelor pad once they are married, which is supposedly in a few weeks!!!

Who else is freaking out until then? I cannot wait for that episode!!

Marshall (Jason Segel) is frustrated with Lily’s (Alyson Hannigan) new job as The Captain’s (Kyle MacLachlan) art consultant and the major time commitment it entails. All he wants to do is watch Woodworthy Manor, the writers’ parody of PBS’s Downton Abbey.



Barney attempts to pawn the apartment off on Ted (Josh Radnor) by using the Jor-El set up in his living room. Yes, it sounds as amazing as it was. Yes, I died of laughter when I saw it. He wants to transform the “Fortress of Barn-itude” into the “Fortress of Soli-ted.”



The references in tonight’s episode were spot on. I have never seen Downton Abbey, but all I know is that everyone seems to love it, which is exactly what the writers portrayed and, of course, their version of the plot made the parody all the better. Then came the continual Superman reference. Perfection.

Not to mention the fact that every time the gang watched Woodworthy Manor, they would have tea and crumpets.

Seeing that he isn’t trying that hard, Robin holds an open house. Lily is late, prompting Marshall to pretend that he and Ted are a couple when a random woman asks about Marvin.

The scenes and dialogue between Segel and Hannigan here highlight why that relationship is the best. The wit was at its fullest. Both Segel and Hannigan perfectly displayed their comedic talents as the bickering went back and forth.

In order to sabotage the sale, Barney demonstrates all of the apartment’s special tricks, such as the bed that goes back into the bedroom wall to get rid of unwanted night guests; the fire system that spews water when a girl gets too clingy; and the welcome mat that measures your BMI.

Classic Barney. I adore the fact that even though we get to see the new and improved Barney, we still get to see the old Barney that we all still love.

Despite his tricks, a couple still wants to buy the apartment. However, Robin backs out once they tell of their plans to tear down every “crazy” thing in the apartment and make it livable. She fires back, calling some of the inventions genius. Look at her stick up for her man!

Then, in one of my favorite moments of the night, Robin uses the Jor-El set up to tell the couple to leave. I love Robin and Smulders so much.

Later, Barney says he is willing to give up the apartment because Superman had the Fortress of Solitude to be alone, and he doesn’t “ever want to be alone again.” My heart is melting.

Robin admits to what happened earlier and says that she doesn’t want to try to change him too much or else he won’t be the same person she fell in love with.

tumblr_inline_mf7kk9jM1Z1qgxx3qOh my goodness. I can’t take these two anymore. It’s mushy dialogue that isn’t annoying – a rarity writers need to respect more. It’s actually adorable and I can’t do anything else but to cheer them on. I love them!



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