An Open Love Letter to Matthew Gray Gubler

Matthew Gray Gubler, MGG, my main man,

How’s it hanging?

When debating on who to write my letter to this week, I had a hard time narrowing down my choices, until some of my best friends started posting your picture on my wall. I knew instantly that it was your week.

My love for you began the first moment I saw you portraying Spencer Reid in Criminal Minds. First off, Reid is a brilliant character, and you are so great at making Reid so lovable. You are the perfect mix of nerdy cuteness while also pulling off scruffy goodness and manliness but is also adorable and gorgeous. 

And you are so intelligent. In real life, not just the show. Okay, so you’re kind of the perfect being. Seriously, sir, just absolutely perfect.

Oh, and you clean up well to boot. Like really well. Like ‘ohmygosh where did you come from’ well. I didn’t know you were scouted as a model while at NYU. Go you Matthew, go you.

And here is a fun fact for you, WE SHARE A BIRTHDAY. We can celebrate together! It’d be a great time full of laughs. Want to know why? Because you are absolutely hysterical. One glance at your website can prove that.

You make the most weird, yet awesomely hilarious, drawings and are also goofing around in pictures with your co-stars. You like to dress up in costumes. You are like a child, but a wonderfully grown up child who is also mature.

You graduated from NYU in filmmaking and have directed a music video (for the Killers!!), episodes of Criminal Minds and some mockumentaries. You also interned under Wes Anderson. Really man? You are brilliant!

You were also in (500) Days of Summer, which is one of my favorite movies, where you were best friends with another love of mine, Mr. Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

So you’re perfect. There isn’t much else for me to say now I guess. I think I’ve sufficiently covered every topic I wanted to cover.

Keep being your awesome self, and maybe we shall meet one day.

Lord knows I’m trying man.

You are right. Music does need more glockenspiel,
Anjelica Oswald


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