TV: Jane Lynch shines on ‘Glee’ with Nicki Minaj tribute

By Meryl Gottlieb|| @buzzlightmeryl
Glee airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on Fox
Rating: 5/5


When I heard about tonight’s theme of “Feud,” I was skeptic. But, again, I was wrong. The performances were spectacular, and the comedy was as witty as ever. Well done.

Will (Matthew Morrison) and Finn’s (Cory Monteith) feud is quite epic, but hilarious when accompanied by the dramatic operatic music. The glee club’s new diva is definitely Will.

Rachel (Lea Michele) is not pregnant!!! Thank goodness. I was so prepared to stop watching the show, so no worries my lovely readers; I will forever provide the sass. Huzzah!

Santana (Naya Rivera) tells Rachel to not blow this scare off; she needs to examine where her life is going, adding in that she needs to reconsider things with Brody (Dean Geyer). All of a sudden, Santana is becoming incredibly rational and insightful; I love it. It’s a great contrast to her crazy-Lima Heights hilarity.

In a fancy hotel, we see gigolo Brody approach his female client, and then burst into “How to Be a Heartbreaker.” At first, I hated it. Then, I realized how well it played into the story and was impressed with the idea. The choreography was amazing even if the scenes were a bit awkward.

I know many may dislike the gigolo storyline, but I think it was a very interesting turn of events for the writers to take. People need to get through school and pay the rent somehow. Plus, I am just really impressed with the creativity here. Sure, they could have made him a jerk or had him cheat on her, but no; they did something different for once.


My young Burt Reynolds is in trouble! Before I get into that, though, I want to attempt to convey my joy for this storyline. Not only do we have a ton of screen time with delightful animosity between Blaine (Darren Criss) and Sue (Jane Lynch), but we also get some of the wittiest dialogue I have heard on the show in a long time.

Whoever wrote this episode deserves an Emmy.

Sue says Blaine signed a contract to be a part of the Cheerios and threatens him if he doesn’t honor it. We also get a brilliant Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz) brush off; kudos writers!

Throughout most of the episode, Ryder (Blake Jenner) is in a chat-room with some random girl. They overtly flirt with each other while talking about the problems facing the glee club, and she continually gives him advice that seems to solve everything. What is this?! Have you seen Blake Jenner? He is not the kind of guy who needs to go online to find a girl. How did this even start?

Finn just wants to talk out the problem, but Will says they have to do the assignment because Finn won’t be able to handle a talk. He tells Finn he gave him glee club because he felt sorry for him since he was lost. Finn “broke the code of a brother,” so Will now has to “kick his ass.”

That moment was supposed to be serious but I just couldn’t handle that last part. Seriously.

Sue and Blaine’s feud begins once Sue stole Blaine’s identity and put cement in his hair gel. I just can’t even explain how much I loved this storyline. EVERY moment was fantastic. The two decide to battle it out mash-up style: Mariah Carey versus Nicki Minaj.

Marley (Melissa Benoist) and Jake (Jacob Artist) have an over-the-top mushy love scene about how they love each other and that neither has to worry about the other cheating. Ok, who wrote that dialogue? You don’t get the Emmy.

A feud between Ryder and Unique (Alex Newell) occurs because Ryder doesn’t think Unique is a girl and doesn’t understand the situation. The two perform a mash-up of “The Bitch is Back” and “Dress You Up” to honor the greatest of feuds: Elton John versus Madonna. The performance was amazing, but I hate Ryder for his ignorance. Seriously, get out.

Santana confronts Brody at NYADA and tells him to leave. She then performs “Cold Hearted” to prove her point. While the vocals were, as always, fantastic, I’m not sure the choreography was purposeful. It was simply a number to sexify Rivera and she doesn’t need help in that department. They could have done something much more meaningful with this number.

Will and Finn perform the ultimate boy band battle: ‘N Sync versus Backstreet Boys. The rope choreography for Will when he sings “Bye Bye Bye” was impressive, but it was paired with minimal movement on Finn’s end with “I Want It That Way.” Overall, that performance – though it was the most publicized one – was the least exciting and impressive.

Rachel and Kurt (Chris Colfer) are angry that Santana confronted Brody at NYADA and ask her to move out. Biting the bullet but knowing she’s right, Santana leaves, saying Lena Dunham offered her to crash at her place. Ah the precious wit until the end. I love you. Then that wit was almost trumped when Kurt and Rachel had these parting words…

Sue’s Nicki Minaj was altogether absolutely FLAWLESS! Lynch’s comedic and overall talents have never been portrayed better. Her rap to “Super Bass” was more than impressive; she needs to sing more on the show. Even I was shocked at the fact that I loved Sue’s performance more than Blaine’s “I Still Believe.” It’s already up on YouTube so enjoy:



Despite their song battle, Will still cannot forgive Finn. So, Finn prepares to pack up when Marley tells him to “grow a pair” because he is a natural leader and should go get his teaching degree. In a million years, I never would have expected her to say that. Thank goodness someone is finally knocking some sense into him.

Ryder apologizes to everyone and everyone accepts. More importantly, Unique reveals that a group of girls followed him home while he was dressed in drag, prompting several glee club members to offer assistance. I love Newell’s performance on this show. He can be hilarious and then also very emotional and raw. He is an amazing actor who deserves more screen time.

Blaine lost to Sue so he is forced into the Cheerios. I’m fine with it because he looks sooooo good in his uniform; I loved the butt shot. However, not all is lost because apparently this is some plan he and Sam (Chord Overstreet) have to take down Sue by the end of the year. Interesting. I don’t want it to happen because I love Sue and her evil ways but interesting.

Thinking he’s going to meet a new client, Brody meets Santana in a hotel room. Busted! Better than that was when Finn popped in to really rub in the defeat. Biggest surprise of the night! The two get into a mad brawl; Finn, I think you’re over compensating based on Marley’s previous comment. In the end, Finn tells Brody to “stay away from my future wife!” WHAT?! I’m going to leave that for you all to freak out over.

In an unnecessary but good finale, the glee club sings “Closer.” It was an unnecessary number, but we got to see the cast act out their adorable, hilarious personalities, so I’m ok with it.

Ryder tells the online girl of the good news and then asks to meet with her. She signs off without responding. Please just let this storyline die right here.


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