An Open Love Letter to Dave Franco


Oh God. Here goes. That smile. I can’t even.

I’m done.

Dave Franco,

How do you even exist? How are you real? You went to a real high school with real people, and you were going to USC to become a real creative-writing teacher. But there is no way you can be real. And if you are real, why can’t you be somewhere real in my life? I mean c’mon man.

So all freaking out aside, I can’t even begin to express my adoration for you. God, that Franco smile gets me every time.

You are such a talented man, and hilarious to boot.


I absolutely adored you in 21 Jump Street, and you are always on Funny or Die doing something absolutely crazy. You looked beautiful in a uniform in Charlie St. Cloud too. And you are so gosh-darn handsome in a suit.

The video where you are supposed to interview James? I love it.

You like sleep? Me too! You are carefree? Well, you can teach me how not to worry! You don’t want to lose yourself in fame and ruin your social life? You are so brilliant!

But the really awesome thing about you, is that you live your life in your own right. You have this brilliant older brother, but you aren’t striving to be him. You are working on things you love and doing things your way.

Can’t wait to see what’s next!

Oh, and then this exists: 

      Everyone’s a stranger until you give them a chance,

Anjelica Oswald



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