An Open Love Letter To Ed Sheeran


So after some time away, I’m back to do some weekly love letters. This week? A redhead with an angel voice.
Dearest Edward Christopher Sheeran,

Seeing you in person at the BRITs was one of my favourite moments. You didn’t perform (sadly) but you looked so gosh darn adorable in your suit and Nike shoes.

tumblr_mimosr7IX01qambhho1_500You are just one teddy bear of a man with a brilliantly beautiful voice and the ability to reach into the crevices of my soul with touching and magical lyrics.

Also, your version of “Little Things” which you brilliantly wrote and ever so graciously gave to One Direction? Perfection.

But my love for you is about more than that.

You are just so … chill. You crack jokes about your own awkwardness, you nonchalantly high-fived Sir Elton John at the Grammys, you played the Olympics closing ceremony in a red sweatshirt and you look adorable with stuffed animals.

And you are so gracious with charity work! You are the perfect being. Can you please just hug me?

You have some of the best quotes and are always making me laugh with your bluntness.

You have fantastic dance moves by the way.

So in conclusion, I’d just like to express that I think we should be best friends forever. What do you say?

And just in case you were wondering, I would very gladly sit next to you and play video games with a cute cat sitting on the couch next to us:


I’m so not opposed.

Be my best friend?
Anjelica Oswald


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