TV: Theories on love and craziness from HIMYM

By Meryl Gottlieb|| @buzzlightmeryl
How I Met Your Mother airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on CBS
Rating: 5/5


The wait is over! Robin Sparkles has returned with a few fellow Canadians stars and a very hilarious storyline.

On a train, Ted (Josh Radnor) sees a girl reading the same book as he is, so, in the Ted-liest way possible, he goes overboard in trying to track her down, for she left before he could talk to her.

Marshall (Jason Segel) and Lily (Alyson Hannigan) – as only best friends would – warn Ted of him being too creepy about this girl. I mean he did have two yellow legal pads of information.

They also tell him to stop trying to force destiny. If it’s meant to be, then it will happen – like how Lily and Marshall met in college: destiny. Except, Ted runs into the girl again…

Are we making progress? Will this be Mrs. Ted Mosby?!


But we do get an interesting theory that goes down in history with the other theories How I Met Your Mother has created, such as the hot/crazy scale. The new one, the Dobler-Dahmer Theory describes the fine line between love- and serial killer-like actions.

A hilarious example is given when Ted describes how a song Marshall wrote to Lily when they first started dating could either be adorable (Dobler – from Lloyd Dobler of Say Anything) or terrifying (Dahmer – Jeffrey Dahmer, a serial killer). If Lily returned the feelings, then it was love; if not, then it could be frightening. Boy, did Segel deliver in that scene.

This theory is constantly tested as Ted finds out more and more about how he and Jeanette (Abby Elliott) came to meet. At first, she said she pulled the fire alarm because “she couldn’t stand the thought of not meeting him.” Then she admits she actually started a fire. Yet, Ted still sticks around.

Kids, it only gets funnier from here.

While everyone was attacking Jeanette for being a stalker, Robin (Cobie Smulders) sort of sticks up for her, saying that anyone can mistakenly cross the line into crazy-town. She then reveals she was a stalker, which of course sets Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) off on a very hilarious mission to find her past obsession.

He goes to Canada and interviews all of her ex-boyfriends, including Simon (James Van Der Beek). The stereotypical “ehs” and all of the Canada jokes were at their finest tonight. Very well played, writers; very well done.

Simon reveals that there was a Canadian version of a “VH1 Behind the Music” special on Robin Sparkles – “Underneath the Tunes.”

Seriously, it was just phenomenal tonight.

The tape relays the story of the end of Robin Sparkles’ career, a clever end at that. As hoped, the tape included a new Robin Sparkles song, “P.S. I Love You.” Parodying the trend of popular music from pop to grunge, “P.S. I Love You” was Robin Sparkles emo, goth grunge song that the record label said was too dark to produce. And it was perfect. I always wondered how Robin Sparkles ended, but I never thought of something so hilariously satiric as that.








The perfection of that tape is unexplainable. It is so well written that I cannot do it justice by trying to sum up what it entailed. It was the best.

Here’s the link to find the new Robin Sparkles video: You’re welcome.

The Canadian lineup of stars who were interviewed about the demise of Robin Sparkles were all phenomenally funny, especially Dave Coulier. He constantly stated, “I don’t know why people think [the song] was about me,” as a way to satirize the remarks about his ex-girlfriend, Alanis Morrisette’s song “You Oughta Know,” which many believe to be about him. Another fantastic joke involving Coulier was when he said to “cut it out,” a reference to his Full House character. The joke was only top-notch because narrator Bob Saget, who was also a part of Full House, chimed in that he always liked that joke. Excellence. The writers were at the top of their game tonight.

After fighting Alan Thicke, Barney admits that he went overboard and that anyone can get obsessed, so Robin reveals her infatuation was over Paul Shaffer, best known for being David Letterman’s right hand man.

My entire life has been a lie!!!!! Lily and Marshall did not meet because of destiny; Lily made it happen because “she couldn’t stand the thought of not meeting Marshall.” Except, this time it’s cute and not creepy, similar to when Barney admitted to being crazy. Both of these times, the Dahmers were Doblers because it was for the person they love.

So, life lesson here: You can only be crazy once you’ve found your soul mate. Well I have no chance then, do I?

Back to crazy-town, Ted finds out that Jeanette has been following him since he was on the cover of New York Magazine… last year. But Future Ted narrates that before he got married, he did one last crazy thing, and we then see Ted make out with Jeanette.

I actually don’t hate this idea; I think it will play out hilariously. Also, this means that we are getting closer to the big reveal! Ted only has about one more mistake until he meets the woman we’ve all been waiting to meet for eight years!!!!!!

One last thing: the writers need to keep in the momentum that they showed they had tonight. I don’t know why but Robin Sparkles always seems to bring out the best in them, and they should learn from that. If they want to continue this storyline of “who is the Mother” for another whole season, then they need to stop wasting our time with pointless story lines and focus on character development as well as emphasizing the great personalities and comedic talent the cast members all have.

That is what made tonight’s episode great; that is what has kept me loving this show for eight years, and that is what will make the ninth season a great finale.


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