Post Pick: Puppy Bowl IX

By Meryl Gottlieb|| @buzzlightmeryl


As a non-sports lover, I must say watching Super Bowl Sunday is less than enticing. However, I can get crazily stoked for the Puppy Bowl!!

I had never heard of the Puppy Bowl until today, and I have never been happier to hear news in my life.

All day today, Animal Planet will have a non-stop marathon of Puppy Bowl IX, but be warned, the cuteness may kill you.




While I honestly cannot describe the events without gushing over the puppies’ cuteness, I must say that Animal Planet probably had the best strategy to compete with the Super Bowl. Though it may shock some Americans, some people do not like sports and want to watch something else on the first Sunday of February. And Animal Planet delivers.

They not only show something so cute that my heart melted, but they had it available over multiple mediums and fulfilled all my puppy needs.

A puppy cam to watch certain puppies in the locker room, a bird live-tweeted the event (@meepthebird), and the Animal Planet site had a behind the scenes look to gush over as commercials interrupted the cuteness. Perfection.

But, seriously, the puppy cam was the greatest idea. Also available was an adorable photo-filled line up of all the puppy players. Excellence.

From Meep the bird, a kitten half-time show, blimp-piloting hamsters to hedgehog cheerleaders, the cuteness was not just focused on the puppies.









I’ve now come to realize that Animal Planet is my favorite network; where else can I find an entire day devoted to puppies.

Also this tagline: “The cutest sports event of the year.”

So be a human being and indulge in the puppy adorableness. Go ahead; you know you want to.



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