TV: Robin is precious on HIMYM

By Meryl Gottlieb|| @buzzlightmeryl
How I Met Your Mother airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on CBS
Rating: 4/5

Ring Up

After last week’s plummet, I was anxious about tonight’s episode, “Ring Up,” but, as always, How I Met Your Mother continues to mess with my heart. Last week was horrible and tonight was funny; why must it go from one extreme to another?! It is terribly frustrating.

Ted (Josh Radnor) is dating a twenty-year-old. Ok. What?! Ted is supposed to be looking for Mrs. Mosby, not wasting his time with someone ten years his junior. My frustration from last week carried over to tonight only because of this one storyline. If Ted is supposed to want a mature, meaningful relationship, then he should probably stop wasting his – and our – time with girls who he won’t have a future with.

Even worse than wasting our time, the storyline of Ted and the unnamed girl (Ashley Benson) was typical and cliché. Of course, Ted is ten years older so he doesn’t understand half of what the girl says or does. Blah.

In order to include Marshall (Jason Segel) and Lily (Alyson Hannigan) in tonight’s episode, a subpar idea is presented, but Segel and Hannigan knew how to deliver it. Marshall starts wearing a bracelet, which Lily finds attractive because it creates this bad-boy fantasy of Marshall; however, he ends up being allergic to the bracelet. Lily’s sex drive is a running gag of the show because Hannigan is hilarious, and Segel can make anything funny.

Can I just say that Cobie Smulders is wonderful and hilarious?

Because she is awesome and beautiful, Robin (Cobie Smulders) enjoyed luxuries in life, like free food and… a musical number every morning. However, now that she is engaged and has a ring, she is invisible. Lord of the Rings – “you’re not precious” – and Harry Potter – the invisibility cloak – jokes ensued and the nerd in me rejoiced. This is why I love this show!

Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) is going through withdrawal of one-night-stands. Gross, but it’s Barney. Ergo, he pressures Ted into sleeping with this young girl. “Bang her for me,” he pleads. Ugh, gross, but it’s Barney. Ted denies his request because he says he cannot connect with this girl. Oh, now you want to have some standards?

But this girl has issues – granddaddy issues; she has this weird fixation with Ted’s age. Magically, she reveals that she likes Star Wars thus giving Ted a reason to sleep with her.

Ted tells Barney and shows him a picture of the girl, but it turns out that the young girl is actually Barney’s half sister! Double gross.

In order to save his sister’s virtue, Barney wants Ted to marry her, because he hates that they had a one-night-stand, meaning Barney has finished his detox and no longer feels the need to sleep around.

While I enjoyed the funny quips between the two about Barney sleeping with Ted’s mom and Ted sleeping with Barney’s sister, I’m not too sure how I felt about the storyline overall. I think it was important to show Barney getting over his dirty habits but not at Ted’s expense. Stalling Ted’s future is exactly the opposite of what I want to see.

tumblr_mh0dalP4mi1qmgu7zo5_250Despite my despair over Ted’s storyline, Robin’s storyline had a much better and cuter ending. Although she is upset over the lost attention, Robin learns the true power of the ring; it means she has someone she loves – the only person she needs to see and have see her. Apparently, this also means that when you look at them, their face glows. I will overlook that in order to appreciate the adorableness of Barney and Robin’s love that I have been waiting to see.

Next time let’s forgo cliché storylines and focus on the newly engaged couple and the gang as a whole – that is the heart of the show, that is what brings me back each week.

Life lessons from How I Met Your Mother. Beautiful stuff, kids.


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