TV: “Band or DJ:” who cares? A lackluster HIMYM

By Meryl Gottlieb|| @buzzlightmeryl
How I Met Your Mother airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on CBS
Rating: 2/5


Coming off the high of the winter finale of How I Met Your Mother, tonight’s episode was quite a let down. Following a treacherous trend, only about five minutes of the episode was truly worthwhile and the rest was simply filler.

Marvin will not stop crying, and it is announced that he hasn’t gone to the bathroom in three days. Whoever even thought up this storyline deserves a slap to get them back into reality. It was unneeded and a waste of our time and their money.

With Robin (Cobie Smulders) and Barney’s (Neil Patrick Harris) engagement, Lily (Alyson Hannigan) is overjoyed to start with the planning, but Ted (Josh Radnor) has already jumped in and is getting in the way.

Initially, I thought this was simply filler as well, but there is actually a redeeming scene towards the end of the episode. Plus, I always love to revel in Ted’s geekiness. As the episode title suggests, the two mainly argue over whether a band should play or if there should be a DJ.

But there is one problem with the new engagement: Barney never asked Robin’s father permission. Why this is an issue, who knows? I will say it was not terrible because, as always, Neil Patrick Harris is wonderful and can make any scene hilarious.

Playing off the permission plot, we discover that Robin’s dad, Robin Sr. (Ray Wise), is fun now. While I understand delving into the Robin-father issue, why can it not be done in a more sophisticated or more understandable way? Everything just seemed pointless.

Though I did enjoy Wise’s performance, for it was true to the character (he never smiled once), the impact of his visit was weakened because of the silly buildup to it.

In the funniest scene of the night, Robin Sr. describes how he got permission to marry Robin’s mother. He killed a dozen bears, skinned them and offered them as tribute because that is what manners mean in Canada. Brilliant.

There is also a weird, continual tie in of Robin Sr.’s use of Facebook: he expects Robin to be up-to-date since he “Facebooked it.” Oh, come on. Well, this annoyed Robin too and she tells him she’s already engaged and that he cannot come to the wedding. Wow. The moment Robin finally stands up to her father and no pivotal moment is truly created because he is wearing a ridiculous blue and yellow Hawaiian shirt.

As always, Lily sees right through Ted and gets him to confess that he is upset about Robin’s engagement to Barney. I am so over this storyline. He doesn’t want her then he does then he doesn’t then he does. It’s just annoying. This is not some go to dance move you whip out at parties; this just shows you have run out of ideas until he meets Mrs. Mosby.

The only thing I thought was a “new” aspect to this “revelation” was the montage of all the times Ted was hurt. Some were funny – fighting the goat – and some were sad – Robin saying she doesn’t love him. He remembers those times and says it the hurt felt like all of those moments times a million.

In order to get Ted’s confession, Lily reveals that she sometimes wishes she was not a mother. About two words were uttered before Hannigan began crying – tears that I could feel were real, for she is a mother of two. It was a touching scene between two great friends – ones that I have always loved.

Barney has Robin Sr. go to Robin to apologize, which he does in a weird way. Yet, Robin tells him she simply wants a normal father to walk her down the aisle and to dance with at the reception. Robin Sr. agrees to only one dance. I feel cheated. Robin has talked about her father from day one and this episode was such a let down from eight years of anticipation for a reconciliation.

Four months later, on the subway, Ted runs into Cindy (Rachel Bilson), the ex-roommate of Mrs. Mosby, and tells her how the band Robin picked canceled at the last minute. Well it just so happens that Mrs. Mosby plays bass in a band and has an opening.

Bob Saget then narrates, “that is when I met your mother,” as we see Ted watching the band. Of course, we only see a glimpse of a women playing a pink bass guitar.

I am thrilled we are making progress, but this episode was just a waste of time. To whoever is in charge of HIMYM, I award you the privilege to go on a longer hiatus if it means more time to contemplate what you air.


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