An Open Love Letter to Michael Bublé

Dearest Michael,

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, so I was thinking, who else deserves a letter this week than you, Michael Steven Bublé.

Your Christmas album has been on repeat for the last week as my family fills our home with Christmas cheer. We watch your Christmas special to enjoy great tunes and laugh. I also play your SNL Christmas duets sketch nonstop, because you are hysterical.

I never really expected how funny you’d be, but you make me fall over in hysterics, so thanks.

Your voice is an absolute pleasure to listen to. From your original hits to your covers of classics, your crooning makes me melt like Frosty the Snowman in the summertime.

You’re also an avid hockey fan, which is cool. (I can’t say I’m a hockey fan because I’ve only been interested in it for about a year thanks to my friend, but we should go see a game sometime.)

I’m hoping to see you in concert sometime, because from what I hear, you are absolutely phenomenal. That doesn’t leave me surprised in the slightest, because you’re the greatest. So there’s that.

Your wife probably already knows that she truly is one lucky gal.

I hope you have a fantastic Christmas. Thanks for the music, and I can’t wait for the next CD.

I just haven’t met you yet,

Anjelica Oswald



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