TV: How my heart has melted… fantastic double feature of HIMYM

By Meryl Gottlieb|| @buzzlightmeryl
How I Met Your Mother airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on CBS
Rating: 5/5

The_Final_Page10Tonight there was a double feature of HIMYM, “The Final Page Part One and Two,” and I wouldn’t have had it any other way; both episodes were spectacular! In both episodes, my love for the cast and their respective characters grew ten fold. I cannot stress how captivating the chemistry is between them all; it’s phenomenal to watch.

Marshall (Jason Segel) finally jinxes Barney (Neil Patrick Harris), after the two say the same thing at the same time, and ends Barney’s reign of terror when he used to jinx everyone else.

Barney was jinxed a few years earlier but broke the jinx and was hit by a bus, so now he takes jinxes very seriously and cannot speak until someone says his name.

While under his jinx, Barney has to mouth conversations and basically play charades, and I loved it. NPH is one of the best comedic actors the world will ever know. Everyone should love him.

Ted’s (Josh Radnor) GNB building is finished, so he decides to invite his old architecture professor from college to the opening since he is the one who told Ted that he would never be an architect. Ouch.

Lily (Alyson Hannigan) then tells Ted that the professor is his “pit guy,” like from The Silence of the Lambs, someone who you are so obsessed with that you would keep them in your basement– an idea both hilarious and terrifyingly true. Ted has Professor Vinick (Peter Gallagher), Robin (Cobie Smulders) has Patrice (Ellen D. Williams) and Marshall and Lily have Daryl (Seth Green), a guy from college who is obsessed with the couple.

Hmmm, who would be my pit guy? Kristen Stewart… I’m just doing the world a favor with that one. Taylor Swift… oh, how I hate her.

Ted goes to Wesleyan to confront Professor Vinick, who declined his invitation and doesn’t remember who Ted is, and Vinick basically puts him down again and says the GNB building is hideous. Double ouch.

At work, Robin has to fire someone and chooses Patrice because of personal reasons. However, Patrice knows it’s not about her, and Robin tells her it is because of Barney and decides to not fire Patrice.

Also at Wesleyan, Marshall and Lily run into Daryl, who is still just as obsessed with them and has a hacky sack stand at Wesleyan called “The Three Hackmigos” – modeled after the one time Daryl played hacky sack with Marshall and Lily. Crazy Seth Green is the best kind of Seth Green.

Daryl then invites Marshall and Lily to his house to “give them something” – or murder them. However, he doesn’t want to kill them; instead, he wanted to give them a check because of how profitable the hacky stack stand is, but because Lily had freaked out about him murdering them, he realizes he doesn’t need them and doesn’t give them the check.

Ted and Robin realize they put themselves into a pit and that they have to let themselves out. Ah, the life lessons on HIMYM.

While on their way back, Barney tricks Ted into saying his name after pulling out an engagement ring – that he plans on giving to Patrice!!! What on earth?!! I’m overly mad right now. This cannot be happening.

He says he feels happy with Patrice and plans to propose the next night on the roof of the World Wide News building, her favorite spot. He tells this whole thing to Ted after jinxing him, making him then swear to not tell anyone and that he cannot try to talk Barney out of it.

In the second episode, my heart almost exploded.

Ted, of course, wants to tell Robin about Barney’s plans, but instead he asks her to be his date at the GNB opening. I think that’s the exact opposite of what you should be doing Ted.

Marshall encourages Ted’s decision, saying he still believes Ted and Robin will end up together and that Ted should start being selfish and not put everyone else’s feelings before his own. For the first time ever, I am mad at Marshall. It’s nice advice but come on, Ted and Robin are done; let it go. They’re friends; that’s it!

Marshall and Lily have a day away from Marvin because Mickey (Chris Elliott) offered to take care of him. The two are incredibly excited and plan their whole day down to the minute, but, of course, suffer from separation anxiety. These two are adorable in anything they do. That lullaby song… perfection.

On their way to the GNB opening, Ted tells Robin about Barney’s plans. Here is where their chemistry is at a high. The friendship between these two is so endearing.

Robin continually denies wanting to break up the engagement, saying she is sick of making an ass out of herself by trying to chase Barney. Ted defends making an ass out of oneself because that is what he did when he tried to get Robin and it ended up giving him a great friend, so he doesn’t regret it. Tears. I love Ted so much sometimes.

Robin goes to the WWN building, finding roses and candles and a piece of paper titled “The Robin,” which Barney then narrates as his final play. HE PLANNED THE ENTIRE THING. This man is a genius! Highlights of the steps involve having Patrice help, planning Robin going crazy, burning the “Playbook” because he won’t need it anymore, and getting Ted’s approval – which he gets when Ted tells Robin about the plan, meaning he has finally let go of Robin.


Step by step, every single thing was in his plan, ending with hoping that Robin will say yes to his proposal. AND SHE SAYS YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Obviously, I cannot contain my excitement. Not only is my mind blown by the fact that he planned the whole thing, but also because we are finally getting toward the future we all knew was coming. I’m just so overjoyed. It was a great night. This is why I love How I Met Your Mother.


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