An Open Love Letter to James Franco

James Edward Franco,

How you doin’?

I don’t even know where to start with you.

As I sit here struggle-bussing it through my finals week, I stopped and took a moment to think of this week’s letter. When my friend said to choose someone smart, I jumped at the thought of you.

From what I’ve read, you are an intellectual interested in education, and you have inspired me to do well.

You reenrolled at UCLA in 2006 as an English major taking 62 credits per quarter while still acting. You graduated in 2008 with a 3.5 GPA. You received your MFA from Columbia in 2010. And you are now a PhD student at Yale.

That is some serious studying, and every time I feel like giving up, I think to myself, “if James can do it, so can I.”

You are also a charitable man making donations and helping people when possible.

Not only are you those two things, but you are a diverse and fantastic actor. You played James Dean in James Dean for goodness sakes, and to say I didn’t have a James Dean poster on my wall would be a lie. I love him. I love you.

You broke my heart in Tristan & Isolde. You are really intense in Flyboys. You crack me up in Pineapple Express and Date Night. I mean I could go on for ages, but my final point will be that I am pumped for the new Oz film.

Now, what I haven’t touched upon is the fact that you are one of the most beautiful men ever. You are so gosh darn handsome. I could honestly stare at that Franco smile all day. That would make me the happiest I have ever been.

But alas, I have another essay to write and two exams to study for, so good-bye James. May we meet one day.

Forever yours,
Anjelica Oswald

1 comment
  1. Kelsey Garmon said:

    Do you watch a show called Hollywood Heights at all? It’s on Nickelodeon and I’m pretty much obsessed. Franco’s character, Osbourne Silver, is brilliant. He shot all of his episodes in like 3 days.

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