TV: HIMYM gets trapped in the closet

By Meryl Gottlieb|| @buzzlightmeryl
How I Met Your Mother airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on CBS
Rating: 4/5

The Over-CorrectionI must say that I have not been thrilled with how the potentially last season of one of my favorite shows has been running – as is typical. Why is it that TV shows cannot find a way to end as big as they started or at least somewhere close?

However, How I Met Your Mother, for the past two weeks, has been climbing up from the ditch it dug itself in a few weeks ago – and let’s all hope this trend continues.

A running gag in tonight’s episode focuses on Ted’s (Josh Radnor) tiredness of the gang “borrowing” his stuff and then never returning it. While a fairly poor way to start off the show, it actually calls for some humor later on. Way to go; didn’t think that was possible.

Let me just say that I LOVE when Robin (Cobie Smulders) yells at Patrice (Ellen D. Williams). Maybe it’s the shriek. Maybe it’s the overtly mad face Robin has. Maybe it’s the frightened look on Patrice. Maybe I’m an awful person, but, hey, tell me you don’t laugh at those scenes. Can’t do it can ya?



Robin cannot understand the whole Patrice-Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) relationship, but Lily (Alyson Hannigan) explains it’s simply an overcorrection. Meaning Barney could not trust his ex-girlfriend Quinn, so now he is over compensating with someone who is the epitome of trusting.

Then in the style only HIMYM knows how – the concept of overcorrection is applied to the gang. Ted overcorrected Victoria with a felon, while Marshall (Jason Segel) saves this clip by demonstrating overcorrecting in his comedy act. I just love that man.

Robin is desperate to break Patrice and Barney up, so she decides to show Patrice Barney’s “Playbook” so she can see Barney’s true character. But to do so she must break into Barney’s apartment, and she gets trapped in the closet!

I’m sorry but the entire time this was happening, I could think of nothing but R. Kelly.

Marshall walks in on his mother, Judy (Suzie Plakson) – who is staying for a while – and Mickey (Chris Elliott), well doing an act no kid ever wants to see their parent doing. He then traps himself in a closet.

While trapped in the closet, Robin calls Ted for help. He distracts Barney by saying Hugh Heffner is in the lobby – really Barney? You fell for that? I’m disappointed. Instead of just leaving, Robin continues to look for the playbook, which she finds but is then trapped in the closet again. I just can’t even deal with the amount of times I’ve typed “trapped in the closet.”

To make Ted help her again because she left her purse on the table, she calls him saying she found his red cowboy boots – which he let someone borrow – and says if he doesn’t help her then the boots will get it. GASP! No one threatens those boots! Everyone can pull them off!

Ted runs into Barney’s apartment, grabs the purse, and gets trapped in the kitchen closet. Why does Barney have so many closets?

And may I just mention that all the while Ted is in Barney’s apartment, he continually finds things labeled “Property of Ted Mosby,” which Barney “borrowed.” Ted’s reactions are just priceless and are the epitome of the nerdness of his character; Radnor really has invested himself in Ted.

Robin decides to call Lily because of course she will be able to help. Except, she is already in a closet in Barney’s apartment since she feels that her and Marshall’s apartment is too small.

Oh, the irony…

While some may find this closet storyline quite ridiculous, I think it was funny and brought us what makes the show great – the gang interacting and doing something crazy. The show would be nothing without the craziness that occurs in their lives.

Robin leaves the playbook on Barney’s bed, and Patrice finds it and is less than pleased to see this side of Barney. However, he shows how much he cares for Patrice by BURNING the playbook. It’s a sign of the apocalypse people; the Mayans were right! Everyone please enjoy your last 11 days. Make sure you still read my blogs until then.

Anyway, at McLaren’s, Barney discusses how he never thought he could be happy with someone like Patrice, but he is so Marshall and Lily should let their parents have their happiness.

The two ponder over that surprisingly philosophical thought and confront their parents about this awkward situation. The parents, however, say they are just family with benefits. THERE IS NOTHING OK ABOUT THAT STATEMENT. Please let this thing die. Soon.

Robin is still not convinced that the Barney-Patrice relationship is for real and that Barney is just using Patrice to get to Robin, so the gang has an intervention for her.

I’m not convinced either Robin. It needs to end. You two need to be together soon or I’m about to bust some caps. Boy, that escalated quickly. I apologize. I just love Barney and Robin so much!


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