TV: Patrice drools while lobster rules on HIMYM

By Meryl Gottlieb | | @buzzlightmeryl
How I Met Your Mother airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on CBS
Rating: 4/5


While not as phenomenal and insightful as last week’s episode, tonight’s episode titled “Lobster Crawl” still proved to be quite entertaining and worthwhile.

Ted (Josh Radnor) volunteers to babysit Marvin for Lily (Alyson Hannigan) and Marshall (Jason Segel) since Mickey (Chris Elliott) is out sick.

Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) spills ketchup on his tie “Cornelius” but cannot save him – despite CPR techniques et al – and he has to let it go. Only NPH could pull this scene off.

Robin (Cobie Smulders), meanwhile, was super giggly and flirting with Barney, prompting Lily to pull her aside. She realizes that because Barney told her he was done, Robin now wants him again, just like how she binged on lobster because her doctor told her she was allergic to it.

The lobster scene: hilarious. The giggly, teenage girl scene: annoying. While I love Robin, I cannot stand that high-pitched voice she does sometimes; it’s supposed to be funny, yet I can’t help but cringe when I hear it.

Furthermore, let’s not diminish the love between these two as nothing more than a childish need of Robin’s. They love each other and it will be described as nothing less!

One more thing, is this lobster thing a Friends reference? Rachel is Ross’s lobster, as Phoebe states; so let’s just say Robin is Barney’s lobster! I love both of these shows.

Robin and Barney meet at McLaren’s where Barney introduces his bro-bibs idea – have a bib resemble a grown man’s shirt for when he eats – and where Robin fights with her voice of reason about being giggly.

Here is where I may have died of laughter. Cobie Smulders, you are wonderful. Starting off with the line “What’s up Scherbatz?” made me know that this interaction between Robin and her inner voice was going to be hilarious, and it was.

Marvin crawled while in Ted’s care, and Lily is overly upset. She is then determined to film him crawl the next time, even resorting to calling him a “son of a me” – a hilarious twist on her famous line.

Like the lobster situation, Robin thinks that she only needs one more night with Barney to get him out of her system. She then resorts to several tricks to win Barney. Once again, a great collection of small scenes to highlight Smulder’s fantastic comedic timing and acting. Definitely, my favorite on the show.

A personal favorite revisits the famous fascination of Lily’s to hook up with Robin, however Robin chooses a co-worker to mess around with in order to entice Barney; yet, the plan fails when he chooses to go out with the co-worker instead.

Marshall and Lily fire Ted from babysitting Marvin. However, the two realize he was using Marvin as his next project to give him something to do since his actual “baby” – the GNB building – is finally finished and he doesn’t have a family yet.

Barney doesn’t have sex with Robin’s co-worker because he realized he wanted something in life but doesn’t know what it is yet. Robin feels bad that she’s been just trying to use him so she can get over him. However, that doesn’t last long, for she ends up at his apartment in only lingerie to find Patrice (Ellen D. Williams) is there on a date with Barney. So, Robin leaves.

This is like the Puck-Lauren Zizes relationship on Glee – it is simply ridiculous. I see this going no farther than one episode and is just stalling fate. Also, “NO ONE ASKED YOU PATRICE!!”

While I feel this is a bit out of character for Robin to so aimlessly pursue Barney for a final hookup, I hope his date with Patrice is the push that makes the two realize their feelings. Frankly, I’m sick of the anxiety I get when I think it will happen, and it doesn’t. Last week was a serious look at that issue and this week was just silly and stalling.

Ted apologizes for taking away some of Marvin’s firsts. A flash then takes us to “a few years later,” in which Ted has Marshall and Lily babysit his daughter, and as soon as he leaves, the couple plans on doing some of her firsts as well!

One: score for Marshall and Lily! Two: “a few years later…” meaning soon, meaning he will have to find Mrs. Ted Mosby soon, which I predict will happen at the end of this season. Let’s all pray we see that Farhampton station soon!


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