An Open Love Letter to Justin Timberlake

jtMister JT,

How’s it hanging in the married life? I do have to say that despite how heartbroken I am that you are no longer single, I do approve of Jessica Biel and am happy for you.

Your marriage status, however, doesn’t make you exempt from my adoration.

First, you are a fan of Manchester United. All of the yeses to that!

Secondly, you aren’t selfish or “too famous” for anyone. You went to the Marine Corps Ball in 2011 because a fan asked you. What a gentleman.

Thirdly, you don’t take yourself too seriously, which is perfect. I could watch any of your SNL skits over and over, and having just watched Friends With Benefits for the hundredth time this weekend, I’ve fallen for you even more.

But not only are you a humorous actor, you played Sean Parker in The Social Network, and you were intense in In Time.

Plus, you got started on The Mickey Mouse Club with some of my favorite people (aka Ryan Gosling).

I have to say though, I loved N’Sync, but your hair back then was a little questionable. I didn’t think you were (dare I say it?) attractive. Gasp.

I’m sorry. I am so sorry. But at least you clean up really well and grew into a handsome man.

So to sum it all up: you sing, you act, you are charitable, you are funny and you are super attractive.

Congratulations at being great at everything. I love you!

Give it up to The Barry Gibb Talk Show,
Anjelica Oswald


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