TV: AHS gets darker

By Meryl Gottlieb|| @buzzlightmeryl
American Horror Story airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on FX
Rating: 5/5

American Horror Story keeps getting better and better. I’m starting to believe that the obsessive nature I had for last season has grown to include this season as well. The continual twists and turns and ideas that are put into each show just blow my mind every time, and I love it.

Grace (Lizzie Brocheré) is in the infirmary, losing tons of blood from her botched hysterectomy, and sees the Angel of Death, aka Dark Angel, (Frances Conroy), who almost kisses her but nuns revive Grace before it can happen.

Can I just say that Conroy’s whole performance throughout this episode is perfect? She has that quiet way that comes off as powerful, in which she also steals every scene. Not to mention, the effects of her wings, just when she is about to kiss someone, is breathtaking.

Well done, Ryan Murphy. I’m glad you have the sense to bring back someone who is so amazing. I am not so pleased, however, at the knowledge of Dylan McDermott coming back to AHS – why?!! No one needs another Ben Harmon-type character to ruin this season too!

Arden (James Cromwell) says he never sterilized Grace – it had to be the aliens! My goodness, can we just find out about those guys already?!

However, Sister Mary Eunice (Lily Rabe) patronizes him for his botched job with Grace and tells him she is really the one in charge and uses her demon powers to throw him against the wall. Tell him, sista. *Snap *Snap

Upon listening to the voices in his head, a newly introduced patient named Miles cuts his wrists on the slicer in the kitchen. Mary Eunice arrives at the scene to find an Aramaic word written in blood on the wall. She asks Miles why he sent “her,” but he has no idea about what she is saying.

Miles wants to die and is kissed by the Dark Angel. Mary Eunice then enters and wants the Dark Angel to leave. The Angel identifies Mary Eunice as someone like her, another fallen angel – they are cousins. Oh, the satanic references galore.

The real Mary Eunice and the demon possessing her fight for control of her body, but the demon takes over once again.

Arden decides to treat Grace just to save his reputation. Keep doing those kinds of things and you will never have a good fan base.

Kit (Evan Peters) sits down with who I believe to be Bob from That ‘70s Show, though IMDB has not listed it yet. Bob continually tells Kit his situation is essentially hopeless; Kit, in a state of panic, hits him over the head and runs – because that’s definitely going to help you win the case.

After Thredson (Zachary Quinto) rapes Lana (Sarah Paulson) – a heart wrenching scene to watch – the Dark Angel appears besides her, but Lana tells her “not yet.”

Thredson comes back and tells Lana that they are at an impasse, so she must die. As he attempts to sedate her, she hits him over the head with a framed picture of Wendy. She then strangles him with her chains before she releases herself. However, he is not dead, of course.

Lana runs out onto the road and gets into the car of a deranged man who takes out his pain from his wife’s infidelity on Lana. The Dark Angel appears, and Lana fears it is for her; however, the man then shoots himself, causing a horrible car accident.

Lana awakens in Briarcliff. Oh no, not this again.

In a flashback to 1949, Sister Jude (Jessica Lange) is fired from her band and tries to run when she hears detectives want to ask her questions about the hit and run. She drives drunkenly into an angel statue at a convent, presumably where she takes her vows.

Back to 1964, Jude considers killing herself and slits her wrists. Yes, this is shown, but no it is not true because it was just a thought of hers! Ryan Murphy don’t you dare ever tease about killing Jessica Lange’s character! AHS is nothing without Jessica Lange; after all, who is the only one that won an Emmy for the show? Huh?! Huh?! I rest my case…

Jude confronts the Dark Angel in a diner, but apparently, they have met before. Once after Jude told her husband that he gave her syphilis and she couldn’t have kids and after she killed that girl. I can’t even describe my feelings for this scene – actually, I can: it was magnificent! The whole scene was just filled with powerful acting and captivating dialogue that is the true reason the show is so great.

Plus, to see Frances Conroy and Jessica Lange interact again on the show was a great throwback as well. Lange just doesn’t shoot Conroy in the eye this time. Disappointing.

Jude goes to the family of the girl she killed but discovers that the girl didn’t die. And now, Jessica Lange performs the monologue that will win her the Emmy for this season as well.

Kit has escaped custody and runs through the Briarcliff tunnels to save Grace. However, one of Arden’s creatures follows him in and kills a nun that had spotted Kit and Grace. Kit kills the creature, but a guard comes in and shoots at Kit but actually hits Grace who blocked the shot.

As she lies on the floor, the Dark Angel kisses Grace.

I have to say… she won’t be missed.


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