Music: Columbus country band comes up big with new EP

By William Hoffman | | @Wilbur_Hoffman

After three five-song EPs, Angela Perley and the Howlin Moons have really come into their own with their newest EP release Nowhere is Now Here.

Listening to their older recordings nothing really stands out for me, but seeing the group perform live it was obvious that front woman Angela Perley and lead guitarist Chris Connor have some serious talent and chemistry on stage.

Nowhere is Now Here brings that energy I saw on stage to your headphones. “Country Fair,” “Nowhere is Now Here” and “18 Feet Underground” are the standout songs off the EP for the high energy and roaring guitar solos from Connor.

These three songs exemplify the direction the band should be taking, towards a bluesy Americana country sound. As long as the band allows Connor the freedom to solo and channel his inner Brad Paisley, they will soar because if there were a contest for best local guitarist in southern Ohio, he would be a serious contender.

But it’s not all good. The two ballad tunes are oddly placed at the beginning and end of the EP, which gives a bad first impression of the record. The two tunes are also just “ehh.” They’re boring — not bad, not good.

But my biggest gripe is that this is the fourth EP. Where is the full-length album? They have the high-energy country rock song formula down; they just need to work on the ballads a little more and this talented group could easily crank out a full-length album.

Not everyone will like Angela Perley’s vocal styles (I personally love its originality but it requires a refined taste), so I would suggest a listen on Spotify before a commitment is made on the EP. But if this group is coming through your town, don’t miss the chance to see them live. Hopefully they will make their way back to Athens sometime soon.


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