TV: A drastic change for the good on HIMYM

By Meryl Gottlieb|| @buzzlightmeryl
How I Met Your Mother airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on CBS
Rating: 5/5












Thank you, writers; thank you!! Last week I asked for a good storyline and you gave us one!

Before I begin, however, I would like to say tonight’s episode title “Twelve Horny Women” does not make a reference to “Twelve Days of Christmas” song – my initial thought, what? I love Christmas – but actually to the film about a jury titled “Twelve Angry Men.” The HIMYM writers out-referenced me; this is when I know they are at the top of their game.

According to Bob Saget, we flash to “a little ways down the road,” when Marshall (Jason Segel) goes before the New York State Judiciary as a result of the case involving his firm against the pharmaceutical company Brad (Joe Manganiello) is representing, who has polluted Frog Lake.

I kept feeling that I should be worried about him being in front of the judiciary but because I have no idea about what the judiciary does, I wasn’t really too concerned.

The gang is going to support Marshall and decides to sit in court while the trial goes on, which brings about a competition between the four as to who was the biggest “badass” as a teenager.

A hilarious flashback of Lily (Alyson Hannigan) ensues in which she is in her goth style, walking down the street while everyone else runs away. The flashbacks Lily has of her “troubled youth” are some of the best moments of the show; Hannigan has Lily down pat and is a great comedic actress.

Ted (Josh Radnor) remembers when he was getting his mug shot. I don’t believe this one for a second. Hint: I was right.

Marshall envisions winning his case and talking with his son years later about how doing good deeds has a ripple effect that causes other good deeds to occur. I hope we get to see some episodes of Marshall and Lily parenting, because they would be the best/ cutest parents ever.

Back in the court, Brad displays how to be the worst lawyer with a bit too obvious performance to show how idiotic the character is. However, he does have some leeway in the case because of his good looks, which wins the hearts of the all female jury and even the male judge.

Yes, Joe Manganiello did the “Bend and Snap” for the jury. Because 60% of the time it works every time.

Every silly tactic Brad does is hilarious, and Marshall tries to counteract the cuteness by bringing in an adorable duck that suffered from the pollution of the company his firm is suing. Brad retaliates with a video he made about how glorious Frog Lake is, which includes half naked scenes of himself while swimming and winking at the camera.

The cheesiness of the video made it hilarious to watch; it was like one of those bad commercials that are just so awful that you have to watch it over again and laugh at. Plus it wasn’t too bad to look at Joe Manganiello’s hot bod for a few minutes.

Robin (Cobie Smulders) says she was a badass, despite the fact that she is from Canada. You don’t mess with Robin Sparkles. Guys, no joke, she got a “ZUI” – because she was driving a Zamboni. Writers, it’s the little things you do that make me love you; and Cobie, Robin is a badass because you are a badass, Agent Maria Hill.

Almost out for the count, Marshall calls Brad to the stand and asks him to remove his shirt – showing the rash he has from Frog Lake. The verdict is in, and the pharmaceutical company is guilty, but instead of being fined $25 million like Marshall’s firm wants, the company is fined only $25,000. Marshall is definitely less than pleased.

The bailiff who recognized Barney (Neil Patick Harris) earlier only knows him because they were both in the Magic Enthusiasts Club in which Barney’s tiny hands were finally accepted.

And here come the truths about the gang’s pasts…

Ted’s mug shot was actually when he at a medieval festival – I’m not even surprised. Robin didn’t trash her hotel room rocker-style but instead got a trophy for being the best guest there. Robin Sparkles, I am disappointed.

Brad comes to McLaren’s to thank Marshall for setting him straight; he’s even now going to be a part of Marshall’s firm. However, this is when Marshall’s legal career is changed: when Brad tells him he is good, has integrity and intelligence and should be the one behind the bench.

And now we’re back to “a little ways down the road” where Marshall officially announces that he is there because he wants to be considered for a judgeship. I’m so proud right now. That’s my Marshall; you go be the best person you can be because you are a ball of sunshine and I love you.

Tonight’s whole episode was honestly just wonderful. I never stopped laughing, especiall with all the legal puns Marshall made. The competition idea was great because it played on the gang as a group and highlighted their friendship. The cast’s chemistry is overwhelmingly amazing to watch and is often the redeeming quality of the show.

Speaking of chemistry, Robin and Barney finally discuss their kiss. Barney decides he’s done trying to get Robin back because he’s sick of it being awkward between them. NNNNNOOOOOO, you must never stop Barney Stinson, not until I see that wedding played out. As he goes to the bar, Robin has a deep ponder and says “Huh.” The end.

I swear if they do not play into that “Huh” next episode, I will never watch the show again – no I can’t do that, but I will be furious!

Just so you know, Lily was the true badass. And all is right with the world.


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