TV: AHS “Origins of Monstrosity” give captivating insight

By Meryl Gottlieb|| @buzzlightmeryl
American Horror Story airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on FX
Rating: 5/5


Just in time for the holiday season, American Horror Story delivers a great family friendly story. Wow, just kidding. If children ever watched this show… I can’t even describe how much therapy they would have to go through (just hopefully not with Thredson).

In the present, a voice that leads me to believe it is Thredson (Zachary Quinto) – still alive forty years later – calls 911 and tells the police he killed the Bloody Face imposters who are found hanging by chains in Briarcliff’s lobby.

A mother brings in her daughter, Jenny Reynolds (Nikki Hahn), who has apparently killed her school friend. Did she not remind you of Damien from The Omen?! I hate children in scary movies or when they act all demon-esque. It is the most terrifying thing ever!

Lana (Sarah Paulson) wakes up in a bedroom set that Thredson has set up in the middle of his basement torture chamber.

This scene has to be one of the greatest that I have ever watched. Quinto so perfectly portrays a demented, tortured psychopath; I’m captivated by his performance. I honestly sat for that entire scene just thinking how amazing of an actor Quinto is and how an Emmy has to be in his future.

Abandoned by his mother – who was around the age of all of his victims – Thredson solely desires a mother’s love, touch and affection.

While at medical school, he encountered his first cadaver – a thirty-year-old woman. Metaphorically, she was his mother. He finally realized that what he missed was skin-to-skin contact. Her skin was too cold, however, so he needed to go out and find more lively ones.

Yet, Thredson says he is all done with the Bloody Face thing because Lana will be his new “mommy” – his true reason for capturing all of those women.

While mommy issues may be a reoccurring theme for serial killers, Quinto’s performance made it seem fresh and interesting. He took the meaning of a demented psychopath to a whole new level. Paulson’s performance was top notch as well; you can see the fear in her eyes and is one heck of a screamer.

Despite Anne’s (Franka Potente) Anne Frank-delusion, she was right about Arden. Sam Goodman (Mark Margolis) confirmed that Arden is Hans Gruper. He has the documents when Arden changed his name but needs a fingerprint for final confirmation.

Monsignor Howard (Joseph Fiennes) is called to a hospital to pray for a patient who turns out to be Shelley (Chloë Sevigny). He recognizes her and then strangles her with his rosary. Irony much? I don’t think the Pope would approve.

In a flashback to 1962, the Monsignor and Arden meet while Briarcliff is still a TB ward. Arden tells Howard about his research to create a medicine that would leave humans virtually invincible to disease and death. Howard is enticed and allows it to happen once Arden mentions that Howard could be noticed in Rome since he allowed this work to continue.

Back to 1964, Howard is, well, less than pleased with Arden about the Shelley incident since it doesn’t seem like Arden is working for the greater good anymore. Arden then tells Howard how Briarcliff is simply a receptacle of human waste, ripe for his picking.

Flash to a scene between Spivey (Mark Consuelos) and Arden where Arden says how Spivey used to expose himself to children on the playground, but Spivey says he has changed and that Sister Mary Eunice (Lily Rabe) had him come over to watch her undress. Arden, due to his weird devotion to Mary Eunice, throws him up against a wall.

Back to Howard and Arden’s discussion, Arden informs Howard that he combines syphilis and TB and injects them into his patients. He then shows Howard an example of his work – Spivey. Howard wants out, but Arden threatens him by saying that they are in this together. And then they break out into song… no, sorry I just always relate that phrase to High School Musical.

Jenny is left at Briarcliff. Sister Mary Eunice chats with her in the kitchen about not changing her ways and sticking up for herself. Mary Eunice then tells a story from her past about being a victim and how she is not going to be like that ever again.

Howard fires Sister Jude (Jessica Lange) and plans on moving her to another place in Pittsburgh, which everyone seems disgusted with. Excuse me, Pittsburgh is the greatest city on earth!!! Jude is outraged and knows it is because of Arden.

Kit (Evan Peters) calls Thredson at home, yelling about the tapes and calling him a liar, which infuriates Thredson. Meanwhile, Lana was attempting saw off her chain but amazingly jumped back into bed before Thredson returned. However, being a doctor, Thredson notices her perspiration and accelerated heart rate and discovers the broken chain link.

Now, he has decided she is like all the others and is no longer worth keeping alive.

While wearing Sister Jude’s red lingerie, Mary Eunice answers her phone, impersonating Sister Jude, when Goodman called.

Sister Jude has a drink with Arden in order to get his fingerprints. Your determination is impressing. That man freaks me out, and I would never want to be alone in a room with him.

Jude races over to Goodman’s motel room to find Goodman in the bathroom, with a shard of glass in his neck. He informs Jude that it was a nun who did it, one of hers.

Sister Mary Eunice brings the Nazi evidence to Arden who simply doesn’t want to be seen as a monster but as a visionary.

That creepy girl kills her mom and siblings… what is the point of this terrifying thing! She better play into the storyline soon, my tolerance for her creepiness is waning.

When Kit was arrested, Lana was talking with her co-workers and said how the story needed a woman’s touch; the killer was someone’s baby at one time, he didn’t just snap into that mindset. Thredson was off to the side and heard that conversation and had hopes for her since that day.

Lana saves herself by calling Thredson “baby” and accepts her new position as his mother.

Honestly, I am crazy excited to see how this plays out.

In the present, the detectives find Leo and discover that he was on his honeymoon, but they cannot find his wife. The scene then cuts to Teresa (Jenna Dewan-Tatum) lying on a table with Bloody Face next to her!

My favorite part of American Horror Story is and has always been the backstories and reasons for the characters’ actions – the more complex and twisted, the better.

My mind is blown once again. Ryan Murphy, if you keep this up, I just won’t know what to do with all my sass I have towards you… oh wait, there is still Glee.


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