TV: A very disturbing ‘American Horror Story’

By Meryl Gottlieb|| @buzzlightmeryl
American Horror Story airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on FX
Rating: 4.5/5


Last week Ryan Murphy tweeted “Tonight’s Halloween American Horror Story contains the scariest and most shocking image we’ve ever done.” I think he meant this week’s episode.

A new unidentified woman is admitted to Briarcliff, and it is revealed early on that she is Jewish – guys here’s the plot twist: she’s me. No I’m kidding – that was just too perfect of a set up.

Grace (Lizzie Brocheré) tells her story: she didn’t chop up her family. She walked in on a man chopping up her father, ran away and discovered her stepmother’s body in a closet. Her sister, however, says that Grace did this because that way she and her lover (who was the actual killer) could have the family farm.

Dr. Thredson (Zachary Quinto) wants to treat Lana (Sarah Paulson) because he knows that she is not insane and wants to get her out. Lana states that she cannot be treated.

Mr. Murphy, we all know that you are an advocate for LGBTQ rights but please don’t turn American Horror Story into some political statement. Just leave AHS to the terrifying images you incorrectly tweet about.

If you’re a dedicated fan, then you have heard that lobby song been played many a time. While annoying at first, I now find myself bobbing along. It’s “Dominique” by Soeur Sourire. Yeah go download that in secrecy – you’re welcome.

The new girl is writing a journal about her experiences in Briarcliff, but she is actually writing them to someone – someone named Kitty… come on history buffs – Jewish girl writing to person named Kitty…

Anyway, Dr. Arden (James Cromwell) comes in and this new girl freaks out, claiming he was in the Auschwitz concentration camp as a Nazi and that she is Anne Frank – kudos if you figured it out without the spoiler episode title (way to ruin the surprise writers).

Sister Jude (Jessica Lange) explodes in a sea of sass due to disbelief about Anne’s identity – my personal favorite being “What a relief to many schoolchildren to know that you’re alive.”

Anne (Franka Potente) says how she was sick at the camp and no one cared who was who. An American solider saved her, and they married but he died soon after. When her diary was published, she realized she could do more good dead than alive. Her martyr-status showed people the horrors of what was happening, so she never spoke up.

She then tells Sister Jude that Arden was there but he was called Hans Gruper/ Gruber (I don’t know German, this may be the wrong spelling and no Alan Rickman did not appear in this episode). He seemed like he was trying to help, but whoever was chosen to come to dinner with him came back terribly ill and refused to speak about what happened.

Dr. Thredson doesn’t know what to do about Kit (Evan Peters). The only option is for him to lie in court, which he will do as long as Kit faces up to what he did and that the aliens are not real.

He shows Kit pictures of the attacks and gives replays of what happens, which parallel what could be perceived as Kit’s flashbacks to the moments the murders happen or the ideas Thredson is now drilling in Kit’s head. He didn’t do it I tell ya!

While in the lobby, Lana envisions receiving an award for the story she wrote about her experiences at Briarcliff, prompting her to accept Thredson’s invitation for aversion therapy.

Here lies the first of the few incredibly disturbing scenes. Now because I’m an awkward person, if I write out what happened, then it would truly just make it all that much more awkward for every party involved – find out for yourself if you don’t know.

However, I would never deny you my commentary. How on earth can Thredson call himself a man of reason and science when he thinks those tactics will work?! I understand he is trying to help get Lana out but at what cost to her dignity.

Kit and Grace have sex on the kitchen counter! Can we talk about the sanitary violations here, please? He was just kneading dough there a minute ago and now… no, gross. Anyway, pardon my French but “WTF Kit?!” I know Alma is dead but a bit soon me thinks.

The two are caught and Sister Jude is disgusted at the thought of a “murder baby” – season one reference much? Thus, she wants them to be sterilized! Well, I mean it would come with a 100% guarantee…

Sister Jude walks in on Arden being interrogated by two detectives about his prostitute incident. After Arden leaves, the detectives mention the pornography found in Arden’s room and how Kit doesn’t seem like the kind of guy with the SURGICAL SKILLS to skin and decapitate women.

DING, DING, me thinks I sense some foreshadowing.

Monsignor Howard (Joseph Fiennes) – who is the one that finally makes the attic comment about Anne (we were all expecting it) – calls Arden and warns him that they are on to him. WHAT?! I never would have pegged the Monsignor to be in collaboration with Arden. I can’t even…

Grace lied – she did chop up her family. I know, what a twist. Her reasons: her father abused her sexually and her step-mom wanted her to keep quiet about it.

Thredson goes to Lana and apologizes but promises he will get her out soon, somehow.

Kit goes to Jude and begs for help. He realizes how God sees all, and he needs to repent for what he may or may not have done; he wants forgiveness.

Arden confronts Anne who gets the upper hand in the situation because she stole a gun from the detectives. She shoots Arden in the leg and opens the door to his secret lab. What she finds is a burn-victim looking, horrifying Shelley (Chloë Sevigny) pleading for Anne to kill her. This description is nothing in comparison to the sight of Shelley on the floor – pure horror.

Yeah, that all just happened.

Is your mind blown? Will you have nightmares tonight? Let me know @buzzlightmeryl


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