An Open Letter to Liam Payne

(Warning: This will be quite different from the other men so far. This has explicit fangirl content below this line. Also, keep in mind, there are five boys, which means five weeks. And yes, I will be writing about each and every one sporadically. If you haven’t guessed what I’m about to delve into based on these sentences or the title, then I’ll help you out some. It’s the boys of One Direction.)

What’s happening Liam?

So, I just happened to watch the “Little Things” music video this weekend with my friend Carolyn, and I feel like it’s appropriate to say that you guys as a whole have done it again.

I can’t say how many times I clicked the replay button or how many times I actually went back to watch it, but it was enough to turn my bad day around. So first, I want to thank you for that.

But getting into the “love letter” spirit of things, you, Liam, are absolutely wonderful and handsome and funny and caring and genuine and everything else a girl could possibly want in a guy.

Being a typical 19-year-old fangirl, I’ve had lots of practice in the ways of fangirling, and lest I come off a little scary, I’m sorry. It’s normal, no? No. Sigh.

That’s okay. In my fangirling, I have found that some people call you papa. That’s funny. Want to know why? You probably don’t care, but my nickname back home is mom!

(That was all based solely on a trip to NY where I ushered my friends to places on time and cleaned up after everything and shut the lights off to preserve energy. But the nickname stuck.)

So we have that in common.

Your taste in music is also pretty impeccable, so there’s that.

It’s said that you enjoy the Toy Story trilogy very much, and if that is in fact the truth, that makes you more perfect. Pixar and Disney are pretty much the greatest, and I wouldn’t mind watching those movies with you.

You like a shy girl? I got that on lock. Trust me, this letter might be a bit abrasive, but it’s only because I am behind a computer screen.

I think I’ve probably told you a fair amount of things you probably never want to hear from anyone ever again, so I should probably stop myself before I let things go too far.

I just want to say good luck on tour, can’t wait to hear the new album drop next week and wonderful job in “Little Things.”

Something else we have in common? Love of superheroes! Your Batman cake and costume were spot-on and perfect. I was Captain America for Halloween! So, maybe Batman is DC comics, and maybe Captain America is Marvel, and maybe I think Marvel (Go Avengers!!!) is better than DC, but that’s okay. We can talk about the different superheroes and expand on our love of them. Plus, Batman is amazing, so I won’t be arguing with you about that. It’s just THAT perfect. Think about it.

Here’s to hoping I somehow run into you when I study in London next semester,
Anjelica Oswald


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