TV: ‘Glee’ set to go Gangnam at the end of November

By Meryl Gottlieb | | @buzzlightmeryl

First reaction: REALLY??!!

This is not a song that you cover vocally. This is a song in which you foolishly dance in secrecy to or in flash mob form – nothing else!

The worst part about this is that the New Directions will be performing this at Sectionals or Regionals. Are you kidding me?

If the Journey tribute from season one didn’t work, then how is “Gangnam Style” going to? Oh right, because ever since season one, the New Directions just lavishly performs all the top chart hits, and its members are no longer underdogs.

Not to mention the fact that “Gangnam Style” will hardly still be as huge as it was a month ago. Just like with “Call Me Maybe,” Glee was unfortunate enough to be on hiatus when the song went viral, and rather than try to play catch-up, they should just ignore it altogether.

Performances like this are killing the show. Glee used to be centered on the characters and was top notch, but it sold out after its phenomenal initial success and has truly gone down hill.

While I will always be a fan (because I will forever be attached to these characters and will always be mesmerized by what comes next, despite how ridiculous they may be), I cannot shake this feeling of disappointment about how commercialized the show seems sometimes.

I mean look at the cast! They are adorable and funny (as evidenced by this video – hello Darren), and they are obviously all talented – don’t waste their skills!

Reading the comments on this YouTube video alone demonstrates how all of the fans do not even want the New Directions to perform this song.

Also, can we point out the obvious here: Jenna Ushkowitz will sing “Gangnam Style.” While I’m thrilled she gets to sing this season, let’s not be racist Ryan Murphy.


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