Film: ‘Sin City’ sequel starts shooting

By Will Ashton |

Fans of Robert Rodriguez/Frank Miller’s movie adaptation of Sin City have been waiting seven long years for things to finally come together for its sequel, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.

While the directors have been assuring that the movie will be made, fans were quickly growing discouraged as these promises grew to seem emptier and emptier as time passed.

But now, it has been confirmed that the film is in motion as filming began on Sunday, Oct. 28, in Austin, Texas.

Based on Miller’s popular comic, the film is set to feature a majority of the film’s original cast, with a few notable exceptions including Brittany Murphy, who passed away in 2009, and Michael Clarke Duncan, who just passed away last month.

Both Rodriguez and Miller are returning to their directors’ chairs this time around. No word has been announced as to whether Quentin Tarantino will return as a guest director again during this outing (best guess, probably not).

Hopefully, this film should show some promise again from these two filmmakers.  In the years since Sin City’s release, with the exception of Rodriguez’s half of Grindhouse and (most) of Machete, neither director has gone on to make any films that are very good.  Must I remind you of dreck such as The Spirit or Spy Kids: All the Time in the World?


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