Film: ‘Silent Hill: Revelation 3D’ stands out as an embarrassment

By Nathan Gordon | | @GordonRises
Silent Hill: Revelation 3D | Directed by Michael J. Bassett | Rated R
RATING: 0.5/5


First Words

It has been a while since I felt the eagerness for a movie to hurry up and end until I saw Silent Hill: Revelation 3D. I will admit that I haven’t sat back and critically thought through the statement I’m about to make, but I must say that Silent Hill: Revelation 3D is one of the WORST movies I have ever seen.


Several years after the events in Silent Hill, Heather (Adelaide Clemens) and her father, Harry (Sean Bean), have moved around and changed their names several times due to an incident Harry had a few years prior. While getting settled in a new town and with her 18th birthday approaching, Heather continues to be haunted by a place called Silent Hill. When her father is taken to Silent Hill, she must go to the very place that’s been haunting her with the help of a new friend (Kit Harington). On the journey to save her father, she doesn’t realize that she will also discover the details of her life that have been hidden from her.


I struggled finding anything good about this film. Other than the fact that I was happy that the films running time wasn’t longer than it was, I couldn’t see a positive with this movie. After a long thought I was finally able to find a somewhat bright spot. All though the film is a complete travesty, the creatures in Silent Hill were interesting. By interesting I don’t mean how they acted or the story they were involved in, I just mean the look of them. The look of the creatures fit the ridiculous place known as Silent Hill. 


Where do I begin? Let’s start with the acting. I don’t want to take jobs away from anyone but I hope I never see any of the stars from this movie in another film again. As the film moves forward, the acting constantly took steps back. Harington as Vincent was the standout culprit of bad acting. Every line he blurted out wasunbelievable.

Now in defense of the acting jobs that were done, one could say that the story and the script played a big part in what the actors were able to do. When you’re forced to say terrible lines then it might seem that you can’t act. When your character is someone involved in a terrible story then it, again, might seem like you can’t act. The excuse relating to the story might have the most valid case of them all because the story created for this sequel was all over the place.

The movie wasn’t good before Heather went to Silent Hill but when she got there it got even worse. Throughout her journey to find her father, she ran into creatures that felt like they were thrown into the story to create some sort of action and nothing else. All the random events lead to a final act that will leave you speechless. From our protagonist finally being confronted by the feared demon child Alessa to the final battle involving the most random characters from the film, everything about it was poorly thought out and put together. The end was so bad that confusion becomes an instant feeling because there is no good explanation for what you just saw. Lastly, I want to quickly say that 3D in the movie did nothing to enhance the film. It was poorly used and often forgettable. The 3D, if used better, would have been the entertainment Silent Hill: Revelation 3D desperately needed.

Last Words

Michael J. Bassett and everyone else involved in the making of Silent Hill: Revelation 3D really need to sit back and think about what they just released for the world to see. Is this a movie they really want to be associated with? Is this a movie they really want their names attached to?  If I would have known what I was going to witness, I would have just taken the money I used to buy the ticket and thrown it away. If someone can put out a product that makes an individual feel this way, then that’s ver


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