An Open Love Letter to Adam Brody

Dearest Adam Brody, aka Seth Cohen, or the best character ever, whichever you prefer,

I love you.

I’m sorry about that, because I’m usually not so blunt, but I love you.

It all started when my friend introduced me to The O.C. the spring of my freshman year. There was this bad boy named Ryan Atwood that everyone loved, but, as attractive as Benjamin McKenzie/Ryan Atwood is, it was you, Seth Cohen, who caught my eye.

Seth Cohen with his geeky video games, love of all great music, celebrations of Chrismukkah, sarcastic antics and awkward social encounters — he made me fall in love, and by a turn of events, I fell for you, Adam.

You, with a beautiful face and unafraid to embrace the nerdy side of life. You, actually creating a comic book and playing drums in a band. You, my beautiful, geeky friend, are wonderful.

And for these reasons, I will forever swoon at the sight of your face or mere mention of your name.

Triangles are not a friendly shape, so I’m more than willing to just be the other side of the line. Wait. Too far? Creepy? I’m sorry.

What happens in Mexico stays in Mexico,
Anjelica Oswald


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