An Open Love Letter to Jimmy Fallon

Dearest Jimmy Fallon,

I found myself subscribing to your YouTube videos after watching your show every night.

I watched it religiously, even when my dad told me to go to sleep. You can appreciate that fact because my dad is kind of a scary guy.

No matter what it is that you do, whether it be hosting SNL, writing thank-you notes or battling J-Biebs, I crack up. (Sidenote: Mister Romney’s Neighborhood had me crying.)

I think men could take a lesson from you in humor. Make a girl laugh, and you can win her heart.

I mean really though.  I’m not even kidding. Not one bit.

But your humor is not just the only thing that makes me love you. You play guitar and sing. Oh, and you slow-jammed the news with the President. That’s kind of awesome.

Send my hellos to your wife, because you are married, which makes this a little awkward. But not so much since I am simply a college sophomore.

Let’s eat scrambled eggs,
Anjelica Oswald


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