TV: Never breaking up with ‘Glee’

By Meryl Gottlieb | | @merylgottlieb  
Glee airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on Fox.
Rating: 5/5

Tonight’s Glee episode, “The Break-Up,” was exactly that: a break-up of almost every couple on the show.

Let’s get started…

Finn (Cory Monteith) got the boot from the army after he shot himself in the thigh while he was cleaning his rifle. Therefore, he didn’t get to honor his father, nor did he get to prove himself to his girlfriend – so, he’s a mess and all-around upset.

Unfortunately, not all is well in Lima either; Blaine (Darren Criss) misses Kurt (Chris Colfer) to no extent, yet because Kurt is overly busy with Vogue, Kurt seems like he barely cares.

Back in New York, Rachel (Lea Michele) thinks bringing Finn to all her classes would inspire him to apply to a school in New York. Sure, that’s a great idea: Show him how marvelous a time you are having while he sits there and watches – doesn’t that sound like fun?

The sadness of both Finn and Blaine becomes overwhelming, so they duet to “Barely Breathing.” On the lighter note, a beautiful song performed by two beautiful men always helps me enjoy the show just that much more.

Then, Blaine shows up in New York at Rachel and Kurt’s apartment. How is everyone continually going back and forth between New York and Ohio? I looked up a plane ticket that went from Columbus to New York City, and it cost at least $300 – where are they getting this money?

But I digress.

The group then decides to go to the Callbacks Bar, basically a fancy karaoke bar. Rachel wants to sing with Finn, but he makes her sing with Brody (Dean Geyer), which only adds to his frustration. Do us all a favor and stop sulking around for one moment of this episode, please.

Also at the bar, Blaine sings an acoustic version of “Teenage Dream” because it was the first song he ever sang to Kurt. In doing so, I think every girl — and homosexual guy — in the entire world has fallen in love with him, if they hadn’t already. So much emotion was conveyed that he could barely make out some of the lyrics, yet Kurt sat there with an almost blank look on his face. I cried, why couldn’t you Kurt?

After leaving the bar, the group breaks off into its respective couples to discuss their obvious problems. Rachel tells Finn that she kissed Brody, and Blaine reveals that he had a “meaningless” hook up with Eli C. – the boy he poked on Facebook earlier in the show. This leads into a group version of “Don’t Speak.” Once again, I can say I am proud of Glee. Having a song actually match the situation in which it is being performed used to be a rarity for the show, but I’m proud to say this episode truly showed some cohesion between situation and song.

Back at McKinley, my hatred of Kitty (Becca Tobin) grew even greater. She possesses no possibility of ever having a likable personality, and she needs to leave now. Her “Left Behind” club about the Rapture didn’t help boost any interests either.

I, did, however, thoroughly enjoy when Jake (Jacob Artist) broke up with her.

Will (Matthew Morrison) is accepted for the Blue Ribbon Panel for Arts Education and is set to go to Washington, but he wants Emma (Jayma Mays) to come with him, to which she replies “Were you expecting me to follow you around like an obedient little puppy?” She stands up as an independent woman and shows Will that she has a life too, and he cannot expect her to drop everything because he is leaving. Also, she epitomizes the conversations that most couples have, “We did talk about it. You just didn’t like what I had to say.” Amen, sista!

Santana (Naya Rivera), who came back to visit, sings “Mine” to Brittany (Heather Morris). She performed the entire song by only sitting in a chair and poured her heart and soul into the song, which all makes up for the fact that it was Taylor Swift. Sadly, both Brittany and Santana know the relationship is not working, and Santana decides to break things off because neither of them is getting what they need.

Rachel also returns to McKinley in order to meet up with Finn, who left in the middle of the night. She praises him for being a man when he put her on the train to New York and then yells at him for leaving her in the dark for those four months, and then when he left her again in New York. Though she says she will always love him, she decides to break up with Finn.

Now we go to one of the greatest parts of tonight’s episode – most of the cast performing “The Scientist.” The song begins with Finn, Blaine and Santana, then their significant others join in as well, followed by Will and Emma. As the camera zooms in on each couple, flashbacks from previous seasons of when the couples first met or first got together appear and instantly make the whole scene incredible.

While there is still hope for Will and Emma and maybe even Kurt and Blaine – nothing is set in stone for either yet – the relationships on Glee have all seemed to crumble.

With that many break-ups and a new episode not until Nov. 8, may I just say: Let the Twitter and Tumblr wars begin.


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